Lawyer Internet marketing strategies - Down economy marketing practices

2009-08-27 22:48:35 (GMT) ( - Business Marketing News)

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Lawyer Internet marketing

Dallas, Texas ( — Internet marketing strategies have been discussed by web marketing experts at length, but none of them have addressed the needs of the lawyer who in the economic turmoil, like all other businesses, want to spend less on advertising and marketing of their services.

Dallas-based, the internet marketing specialists, have recently launched Vision Smart Newsroom Technology to cater to those attorneys. QZee, CEO of One SEO Company, said, “Lawyers, like all other businesses, are facing a cash crunch, yet they need to project their services at an affordable price. If they sit back and attempt to wait for clients, they will be disappointed. To bring clients to their law firms, lawyers need to speak to the masses. We at OneSEOCompany have addressed their needs.”

“Our newsroom technology helps lawyers to publish their success stories and related news about their law firms to pull the people towards their legal practice,” QZee continued. “We work with a network of Google approved press release distribution services through which lawyers’ news gets distributed and is indexed by the search engines and read by thousands of web visitors.”

Through Vision Smart Newsroom Technology, the lawyer internet marketing company promises instant results, boosted traffic to the lawyer’s website and more clients. “That is why we call it ‘Vision Smart Newsroom Technology’,” says QZee.

Listen to what QZee has to say about the Vision Smart News Room Technology at - Press Release Distribution Service


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