Improper asbestos removal - cause of mesothelioma cancer

2009-08-31 03:56:59 (GMT) ( - Mesothelioma News News)

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Dallas, Texas ( — The family of Sharon LaDuke’s family sued 68 defendants, holding them responsible for Sharon’s death. The plaintiff’s cite that she contracted mesothelioma cancer while she was working as a clerk at the Potsdam Civic Center.

The legal aide of the family noted that during her work period, asbestos removal was undertaken. The asbestos wrapped pipes and the old boilers were removed, but the removal procedure was done improperly, and may have resulted in letting asbestos loose into the breathing space of the workers.

Concerned authorities maintain that the boiler did not contain asbestos at all and the manufacturer also maintained that the boilers sold by the company did not contain any asbestos material, but the village trustee did mention of asbestos in the Civic Center and said the removal took place in 1999 – 2000.

Safe asbestos removal procedures remain to be the main concern at the sites, building and homes, which contain asbestos. Without adhering to the safety standards while removal of asbestos more people will be pushed towards mesothelioma cancer. - Press Release Distribution Service


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