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2009-09-30 14:13:26 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Press Release bollywood News)

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Mumbai, India: The cinema city of India, Mumbai which is nicknamed as Bollywood has recently released some light comedy movies that though have lured masses but have failed to make their mark as good entertainers. The good cinema seems to be missing or are the producers and directors just in the rat race by releasing average or below average movies. Among so many movies released this month ‘What’s your Raashee’ is also rated among as the average.

‘What’s your Raashee’ is a story of an Indian boy Yogesh Patel (Harman Baweja) who is called back to India by his family to bail them out of family loans. The only way he could do this was to get married (without excepting dowery) within 10 days and get his share in his grandfather’s estate. After much emotional blackmail and lots of persuasion Yogesh decides to get married but after getting inspired by the book of astrology he decides to meet 12 girls in 6 days. Each girl belonging to different Zodiac Sign (Raashee). 10 days to go, 6 days booked to meet 12 girls, 3 days to decide which one to marry and the 10 day to get married.

Events unfold and the viewers get to see Priyanka Choopra in the 12 different roles of 12 girls belonging to each Zodiac Sign. The viewers might suffer from Priyanka Choopra’s overload but she had sincerely done justice to her 12 different roles.

A few nice songs like ‘Jao Na’, ‘Chehra Jo Dekhe Hain’, ‘Su Chee’ and Aaja Lehrate are worth listening but the rest of the soundtrack seems lifeless.

‘What’s your Raashee’ is a romantic comedy movie which seems to be too stretched for its story. Its got lots of songs, lots of mischief and lots of Gujarati culture and off-course not to forget ‘Priyanka Chopra’.


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