SCI Announces Maritime Defense & Enforcement for Commercial Lines Service

2010-04-09 19:24:58 (GMT) ( - Featured Law Press Release World News News)

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Survival Consultants Maritime Security

Survival Consultants International President and CEO David Woroner announced today that he has appointed a new COO to spearhead the Maritime Security and Special Activities Division at Survival Consultants. This division was recently created to provide counter-piracy service in the wake of the ongoing pirate activity in the shipping lanes of the Middle East. Mr. Woroner is concerned that the pirate activity could spill over into other commercial shipping lanes, creating a serious disruption in commerce and capitalism.

JD Carpanzano has been appointed COO of the Maritime Security Division. Mr. Woroner has utmost respect and confidence in Mr. Carpanzano based on personal experience and JD’s past experience with the intelligence community and private military contractors.

“Men of integrity and honor never retire from the task of national and personal security.” stated Mr. Woroner, “Our company is dedicated not only to designing and producing cutting edge equipment to keep our peacekeepers safe, but also to putting the best men in the field to guarantee the safety of all the hard working people involved in the shipping and freight industry.”

SCI’s Maritime Security Division is dedicated to non-lethal means of protection, although they reserve the right to use extreme measures as a last resort in extreme circumstances.

SCI has a strong reputation of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and honor. They offer flexible contracts and have the ability to provide large or small security details.

Survival Consultants International has been manufacturing and investing in research and development for a number of life saving systems, products, and devices. They also manufacture hardware to improve the usability of weapons and gear. One of the most noteworthy inventions is the WOR4 TacRail, a system that allows accessories to be mounted to the Army standard issue sidearm, the Beretta M9.

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