The Cranberries 2010 European Tour Feature Rent What? Inc Tour Ready Rental Draperies

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Last December The Cranberries tour manager approached Rent What? Inc with a challenging rental drapery request: “We loved your stage concert drapery package for our North American dates last year and want to take a new look to Europe. Put some rental drape concepts together with some photos and pricing. We’re looking to keep this affordable, but deliver a stage drapery scene that is nothing less than spectacular.”

Rent What? Inc welcomed the assignment from the well known group. The Cranberries are an Irish rock band formed in Limerick in 1989. They rose to international fame in the 1990s with their debut album and the group was one of the most successful rock acts of the ’90s.

Rent What? Inc wasn’t worried. The group’s drapery backdrop request was perfectly in line with the ‘customize to suit rental concept’, which makes Rent What? unique to the stage drapery industry. Rent What? partners Marce Forrester and Megan Duckett were well poised to showcase their ‘tour ready’ draperies for rent, and were able to package together a very unique and affordable stage drapery scene. It showcased a variety of pieces making for a great stage presence, including an LED stage backdrop, giant silver satin swags, and delicate crushed silk stage drapes.

The dynamic stage swags were produced by Sew What? Inc. and offered dramatic angles for front lighting and a delicate translucency for backlighting. “Our concert draperies are all designed in Series. The Cranberries scene is a combination of pieces from our Silver Satin Series and our StarlightLED Series. All the various elements, legs, swags, borders and illuminated drapes are designed to play together in similar and complimentary colors and textures. “The Silver Satin Series has so many beautiful pieces,” noted Duckett. “It manages to deliver the “WOW” factor every time it is used for a stage backdrop or rock and roll concert. It is so flexible and takes stage lighting effects so well that it never lets us down.”

The real punch comes when the LED drapery panels are illuminated. The whole stage lights up with a beautiful and delicate display of white light LED’s. Despite being a concert, the show has plenty of theatrical looks. A series of illuminated lampshades completes the look and polish off the stage design perfectly.

Marce Forrester attributes the company’s ‘extreme’ service as being one reason why the startup Rental Softgoods company has taken the touring industry by storm. Megan Duckett also notes, “While we aim to please both the designer and the artist, our focus is also on making sure that the package is ‘Tour Ready’ for our production and tour staff. We concentrate on making it right and making it affordable. We are prepared to go to almost any lengths to find that perfect formula.”

Rent What? Inc is delighted to have been selected to provide rental draperies for The Cranberries production. “This is our second tour with The Cranberries. We hope that there will be many more. The band’s continued confidence in our products and our interest in customization made this a perfect fit.”

More on Rent What? Inc: Rent What? is proud to feature quality stage draperies from custom backdrop and theatrical drapery manufacturer Sew What? Inc. Rent What? Inc is best known for their innovative approach to touring concert rental draperies and theatrical backdrops, offering no cost travel hampers, tour friendly traveler tracks and pre-certified NYC certified draperies. Along with their large inventory of Inherently Flame Retardant stage and masking drapes, they also recommend an Optional Damage Waiver to help productions avoid bill-backs on damages.

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