Majority of Men Don’t Have Sensitive Skin! The Shavedoctor Gives Us His Expert View.

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Having shaved over 14,000 men in just 4 years The Shavedoctor a leading expert in men’s shaving habits felt it was time he shared some of his findings with the world and the findings are quite fascinating.

The Shavedoctor real name Mark Sproston says “the majority of shaving manufacturers are still concentrating on developing products for’sensitive’skin and not tackling the real problem of educating men on how to shave” which is something he does on a professional level with his training school based in the UK.

Sproston says “most men in our research shave on average of only 3 times per week and at least 70% of these men suffer with razor rash and burn, we teach these men how to shave properly introducing our techniques and we also advise them on using the right razor for their skin and stubble type too” He also goes on to say “we have just developed our professional range of shaving products which are now available in all good retail stores in the UK which we trialled for 2 years before initially launching them into salons and barber shops and we spent 4-6 months testing the products on various skin types including black and asian skin because of the common problem of razor bumps suffered by a very high percentage of black men”.

After his exhaustive research he found that the majority of men reporting to have ’sensitive skin’ actually didn’t have and that their skin was more likely to be ’sensitised’ a condition caused by irregular shaving and bad shaving technique.

Sproston admits it has been one long journey trying to get men to open up about their shaving issues but a huge amount of them are now starting to open up and talk about their problems and are finally seeking help from experts like the Shavedoctor himself. “We receive approx 100 emails per week asking for my help especially with shaving discomfort and we find that after only a few days of being on the Shavedoctor 2 week shave programme they see a significant improvement in their skin and shaving comfort.

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