What consumers need to know when purchasing luxury linens

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01/27/2011 // Luxury Linens Store: Pioneer Linens // Pioneer Linens

When a consumer wants to purchase a new set of luxury linens the first question they will ask the sales associate is “what is the thread count?” The definition of the word thread count is the total number of vertical and horizontal threads per one square inch. High thread count bed linens from a big-box store will not have the longevity in which you intended. True luxury bed linens are made from long staple Egyptian cotton, woven in age-old looms, and have finished seams.

High quality cotton comes from long strands of cotton fibers. This kind of cotton makes for a softer sheet, which will not pill and lint. Long staple Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are considered high-quality luxury cotton threads. Luxury linens are woven with long staple Egyptian cotton in age-old Italian weaving looms. http://www.pioneerlinens.com/amante Not only is Italy famous for their clothes, but also their textiles.

The finishing process to complete luxury bed linens is to stitch a seam around edge of the sheet. Make sure to check the seams on both the flat sheet and fitted sheet. A luxury fitted sheet is woven with elastic all along the seam. A luxury flat sheet is sewn with a hem along the border of the seam. Finished bed linens are what really separate generic sheets from exquisite sheets. http://www.pioneerlinens.com/BedEnsembles

Next time you are shopping for luxury linens make sure to find out what type of cotton is woven together to make the bed linens, where the bed linens are woven, and how the bed linens are finished.

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