Three Common Brochure Printing Mistakes Professionals Should Never Make

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(Brochure Printing News) - Brochures are prominently used by small businesses and professionals in a range of fields for marketing purposes. This type of media is also valued as a tool for disseminating information about a range of topics at special events or with mail outs. Despite the popularity of brochure printing, it cannot be effective for any purpose if avoidable mistakes are made that prevent a target audience from taking in messages in the way they were intended to be received. The following are three common brochure printing mistakes that can be avoided when outlining the requirements for one’s custom brochure printing project.

• Overloading Information – Irrelevant or more than enough information in a brochure does not have to be crammed into a brochure just for the sake of filling space. Keeping content wording to a minimum is important for ensuring that one will not feel so bombarded with information that they will turn away before choosing to act on an offer.

• Including Weak Copy – Content must be relevant for a target audience. Weak copy fails to entice readers to act not only if it is poorly written, but also if the reader fails to see its relevancy early on. Professional copywriting is an important consideration for professionals for which writing is not their forte.

• Failing to Make a Request or Include Contact Information – Many professionals focus so much on the design of their brochure, they forget to concentrate on placement of needed contact information or effectively making a request after they’ve grabbed the attention of their target audience. These are two of the most important features of brochures, and therefore should be first on the list of considerations.

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