New MLM 2012 Captures Unprecedented Carbon Offset Opportunity of 21st Century

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11/29/2011 // Chicago, IL, USA // CarbonOffsetEntrepreneur // Dustin Mattison

A growing network of people in a new MLM in 2012 are united in a common cause and work with businesses, governments and NGOs around the world to fund environmental and humanitarian projects.

In return they are creating carbon offsets which they market to generate income for the New MLM opportunity expected to really take off in 2012. This is the essence of their very unique network marketing business model.

Dustin Mattison who is an associate with the company and founder of Genuine Wealth System says that “this is an entirely new MLM business model and MLM opportunity for 2012 which will forever change the way you think about making money. It is now possible to make money and even become rich by planting trees. And the more trees you plant, the more money you make! The genius of this idea is that it leverages the current Carbon Offset system for the benefit of the 99% of us.”

Dustin realized that big business or government are not in a position to effectively address our environmental and financial problems. Even individual efforts and political groups have fallen short.

“If you want to save the environment you don’t ask an oil economy or big business to do it for you,… we have to leverage their system for our benefit.”

Dustin’s outlook had been totally transformed after discovering this brilliant new business model and MLM opportunity for 2012 which contains an inherent financial incentive to take personal responsibility for turning the world green. He realized that if he wanted wealth and a greener planet he needed to create it. “Now I have the perfect vehicle to reach my social and financial goals.”

How big is the carbon offsetting market?

Carbon offsetting is set to be one of the largest global industries, estimated to be worth $3 trillion by 2020, twice the size of the oil industry.

This new MLM opportunity capitalizes on Carbon Offset Marketing Networks. Now the 99% can leverage the global financial system to profit from going green.

This sector has been quietly growing over the last 10 years and has until now been dominated by large corporations, with very little opportunity for individuals to gain their share of this fast growing market. This has changed with the introduction of the new MLM business opportunity for 2012. Now all of us can profit.

With this new 21st century business model it is now possible for anyone to share in the wealth. The system is open to anyone who has the drive, determination and perseverance to make our planet green.

The Carbon Offset Entrepreneurs who start to prepare for the upcoming life-changing shift to the green economy will achieve above stellar results marketing in the exploding Carbon Offset Economy.

About Genuine Wealth System

The Genuine Wealth System teaches green entrepreneurs how to marry their ethical goals with their financial goals. They aim to turn the world wealthy and green one person at a time. The company helps Carbon Offset Entrepreneurs prepare for the upcoming life-changing shift to green and to achieve above stellar results marketing in the exploding new Carbon Offset Economy. This new MLM 2012 opportunity is expected to help green entrepreneurs realize their philanthropic and financial goals.

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