Brooklyn Mold Removal Company Creates New Mold Inspection Software

2012-03-31 22:31:00 (GMT) ( - News Providers News)

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Mold Removal Services Brooklyn,NYC- Creates New Reporting System Specifically for Mold Testing and Mold Inspections Services

/ Brooklyn mold removal company has recently created one of the most comprehensive mold reporting systems in NYC. Revamping their current reporting systems,this mold inspection and mold removal NYC company has created a mold reporting software backed by most insurance companies for water damage and/or mold damage insurance estimates. The report details all possibilities of mold damage, confirmed mold contamination, areas of moisture, evidence of natural causes, and solutions to repair water damage and mold damage.

Mold removal Brooklyn first receives the lab results from the recent mold inspections. After verifying the status of the home, technicians analyze the evidence and create an extensive mold remediation procedure. The report is then sent to the lead technician for review. Following review, the report is sent to the client detailing the findings of the technicians, imaging, mold removal procedures and mold prevention procedures.

Their proprietary mold report answers many of the questions a home owner would have post mold inspection; If mold exists throughout the property? How severe the growth is? The amount of mold present inside the home? The species of mold found and if the mold is toxic and/or non toxic. Every aspect of the mold contamination is explained within the mold inspection report.

There is an appendix dedicated to preventing mold contamination from re-occurring. Mold inspection companies in Brooklyn outlines specific recommendations to inhibit future moisture intrusions and control levels of humidity, if applicable. Many of the suggestion are integral to avoiding mold growth and can be as simple as installing more ventilation within your home. Other suggestions could show more damage like a damaged sum pump or sewage pipe, which could be very hazardous.

Many insurance companies want solid evidence to prove that natural causes are the true source of water and/or mold damage. Brooklyn mold removal report not only provides undeniable evidence when applicable but also provides a solution and prevention plan. The plans highlighted within the report are backed by both the on site technician and the lead technician, providing the highest in quality and optimal remediation procedures.

Mold Inspections Brooklyn and mold removal Brooklyn, provides a quality, comprehensive report on the status of a house and a definitive way of resolving and preventing any future mold issues. Using the latest mold inspection and remediation techniques, coupled with over twenty years in the mold removal industries, this Brooklyn mold removal company gives quality service and advice to customers located all around NYC.

NYC mold removal company - Five Boro Mold Specialist, has been providing unparalleled mold inspection , mold testing, mold removal , mold remediation , and mold prevention services for NYC,NY for well over a decade. Schedule a certified and professional mold inspection NYC today.

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