PreCare Releases 6 Reasons Why Onsite Treatment is Better For Speeding Return to Work

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PreCare has continuously delivered innovative onsite treatment services to expedite recovery of injured workers by treating them in their own work environment.

/ Centenial, CO - While some employers send injured employees to offsite clinics for treatment following injury; over the years, PreCare, Inc., has continuously delivered innovative onsite physical therapy and treatment services to expedite recovery of injured workers by treating them in their own work environment. This return to work service model provides the best possible means to assess how injuries occurred in an effort to help avert future mishaps. Here are 6 reasons why PreCare’s onsite treatment is better than offsite treatment for workplace injuries:

Better Productivity - Travel to and from offsite clinics takes time and reduces productivity. With onsite treatment, no travel or waiting is required so you maximize productivity from your workforce.

More Treatment Time - With an offsite service model, the amount of one on one treatment time for your employees typically averages 30-40 minutes. With onsite treatment from PreCare, each employee receives a full 60 minutes of individual treatment from our Physical Therapist, thus facilitating recovery and improving the quality of care.

Equivalent Modalities - At first glance, one might think an offsite clinic may offer more equipment and treatment modalities. PreCare onsite treatment, however, covers all the same modalities as offsite clinics, including Ultrasound, E-stim, Tens, etc.

PreCare clinicians arrive at the employer’s site with all materials they will need, including a treatment table, other required equipment, modalities and conditioning tools. All required materials are provided at no additional costs to the employer.

Privacy - offsite clinics typically occur in large open rooms with curtains. Onsite treatment takes place in a designated private area with one-on-one clinician treatment.

Incorporating job tasks into treatment - At offsite clinics, job tasks can only be simulated. PreCare’s onsite physical therapy delivers treatment in the context of the employee’s actual job tasks. During the course of treatment, we will build in a functional strengthening component where actual work tasks become the focus of the treatment program based on job analysis.

Payment - Offsite clinics bill for services using multiple CPT codes with the fee schedule. PreCare onsite treatment is billed using one CPT code and fee schedule does not apply.

About PreCare, Inc.
PreCare was founded in 2000 by Sara Craig who had a vision to create a company that could deliver an entirely new and different approach to healing and preventing workplace injuries. Sara is a Physical Therapist by training and continues to provide guidance for PreCare as the Chairperson of its Board of Directors. Her vision to provide more efficient and higher quality services for both the employer and the injured worker has come to full fruition.

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