Controversial Music Executive, Releases EP, & Exploits City’s Crime Ranking

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Step Your Ggam Up from the White Boy Wasted EP BorgataMOB

04/02/2012 // Madison, WI, USA // UrbanSpins //

Rockford, IL is getting a lot of new publicity but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Most recently, hip hop group BorgataMOB is glorifying the unfortunate circumstances that have 24/7 Wall Street, Money Magazine, Forbes Magazine and the F.B.I, all ranking Rockford as one of the TOP 10 Most Dangerous or Miserable Cities in America.

Rockford, IL ( April 05, 2012 BorgataMOB managed by Rockford native C. Hare is the creator of the marketing concept that focuses on glorifying drug use, drug sales, violence, and other subjects that push the envelop while exploiting his city’s #9 Crime Ranking of the Most Dangerous Places in America to live. The rappers pushing the message are 23 year old Fresco Clean and 22 year old Black Lung. The duo have infectious styles and lyrical prowess that are both edgy and easy to listen to.

The freshman project from the group named “Whiteboy Wasted” is an ode to the millions of white middle and lower class youth that are disconnected from mainstream society and have rap/pop music with an urban sound that speaks to their culture. Whiteboy Wasted is the term for mixing various prescription drugs and alcohol to achieve an alternative type of long lasting intoxication. The 7 song EP is the achievement of producer Soleternity. He has created a sound that could best described as “grimy suburban and poppy.” It will resonate loudly with the fraternity/sorority crowd and private school kids that are looking for a seminal sound to which they can identify with. Not all the songs are focused on appealing to next high school shooter, tracks Ballerblock, Stuntin and Get Throwed are songs that are aimed at attracting the ladies. The over-all theme of the EP is reckless partying, acting wild and partying nonstop. The production style will appeal to fans of hip hop and pop while incorporating some dub step to keep it upbeat and fun.

The Whiteboy Wasted project began mid 2011 when C. Hare and the McGill Brothers (Producer: Soleternity and Visual Specialist: Young Spiel) crafted a platform in which the movement could be showcased both musically and visually by promoting a new style to America. Soleternity has worked with known rappers: Young Buck, Tech N9ne, Ace Hood, Bonecrusher, as well as MTV & And 1. Sole gave this EP a unique sound that sets the Whiteboy Wasted EP apart from any other release and is a must have. Young Speil, is a visionary that is obsessed with pumping out superior quality music videos at a pace, the majors could hardly keep up on for one group. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the now infamous Black Lung “Dope Money“. The video suggests strong violent content with a shoot out, a head shot, and a car chase, while depicting a drug deal gone bad in what seems more like a short movie rather than a music video.

Fresco mostly known in the underground rap scene for his extensive list of battle rap victories around the world, is often compared to Eminem but has a clean image with crossover appeal and garners strong support with females. Black Lung is more edgy proclaiming himself as the “biggest thing from Iowa since Ashton Kutcher” and is the poster child for angry and openly defiant white suburban youth.

C. Hare, the head of the Borgata Entertainment empire in addition to managing BorgataMOB and executive producing the Whiteboy Wasted EP; also heads a “shock & awe” news entertainment blog that focuses on alternative news. As the owner of a marketing company he incorporates creative strategies similar to that of a presidential campaign to create controversy and publicity for the group. Growing up in Rockford, being exposed to the underbelly of society he relishes in, he shows the world, is his reality. He is quoted as saying, “ as far as the fans and the music industry go, all they need to know about Rockford at this point, is the BorgataMOB, the Whiteboy Wasted EP, and that its dangerous”.

Black Lung has performed in over 150 shows since joining the MOB in March of 2010, released 5 Indie music videos in 2011, and his LP “THA ME$$ I MADE” charted at #16 on the Hip Hop Top 40 CMJ Charts last May. Fresco has battled and performed shows in 4 countries last year alone, and has dozens of videos on You Tube, with views totaling in the millions. Fresco comes together on this project with Black Lung, making this his first official music release of any kind. The first Internet single “Step Your Game Up,” showcases his superior lyrical content, which has made him a battle rap superstar.

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