VN Web Group Introduces Landing Page Optimization To Their Online Marketing Services

2012-07-30 23:12:00 (GMT) ( - News Providers News)

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VN Web Group is Proud to Announce a New Focus on Landing Page Optimization so that Companies can Attract more Visitors, Improve Conversion Rates, and Ultimately Increase their Return on Investment (ROI).

/, British Columbia — As Leading Internet Marketing Firm in Vancouver, VN Web Group Already Offers a Wide Array Optimization and Online Marketing Services. Still, VN Web Group is Always Looking to Expand and Improve on the Services they Provide and as such they are Proud to Announce a New Focus on Landing Page Optimization so that Companies can Attract more Visitors, Improve Conversion Rates, and Ultimately Increase their Return on Investment (ROI).

The landing page of a website is the first page visitors will see when they find a website through search engines or by clicking on a company’s advertisement. As such, the landing page is often the first impression a customer will have of the affiliated company. Clearly, the landing page is a crucial aspect of website optimization that can have a direct impact on a website’s conversion rate. VN Web Group, a highly respected, Vancouver-based internet marketing firm is therefore proud to introduce landing page optimization to their comprehensive list of online marketing services.

The importance of an online presence cannot be underestimated. Vadim Kotin of VN Web Group believes, “Companies need to recognize that in today’s technologically advanced society, websites are often the first and only point of contact potential customers will make with various businesses.” Further to this he adds, “The landing page is therefore a great opportunity to make a first impression, to deliver a sales pitch, or to present a product or service.” For these reasons, “VN Web Group is proud to offer landing page optimization services in addition to website design and development, logo and brochure design, mobile optimization, search engine optimization and link building, email and advertising marketing campaigns, website analytics and much, much more.”

The marketing manager at VN Web Group says, “Landing page optimization seeks to achieve four major goals. First, an optimized landing page will attract online visitors through organic search engine optimization and through paid advertising. In addition, the landing page should not only introduce a company’s product or service, but also entice site visitors to buy into the product or service and make efforts to contact the company directly.” Once a landing page has been optimized, website owners can expect an improved conversion rate and subsequently a greater return on investment (ROI).

According to Kotin, “VN Web Group will work to optimize landing pages through a variety of techniques. Ad messages will be matched to the landing page in order to maintain ad message momentum, and various landing page versions will be tested in order to validate assumptions companies have about their customers. In addition, landing pages will be aesthetically and effectively presented so that customers can find the information they seek quickly, and easily.” Through these efforts, VN Web Group aims to help companies develop a highly effective landing page.

About the Company: VN Web Group Inc., is a leading Vancouver internet marketing company located in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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