New Polls Bring Surprising Predictions for the 2012 Elections

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08/08/2012 (press release: politicsandpolls) // Washington, DC, USA // Ben Barsky

SpeedPolls, a new type of polling, are turning the political pundits’ election predictions on their heads. SpeedPolls are based on daily survey responses from more than 200 million tweets per day.

SpeedPolls assess the popularity of candidates and issues, along with their right track - wrong track sentiment. This exclusive insight yields some shocking predictions. For instance, based on 20,000 tweets, gay marriage is overwhelmingly a positive issue across the U.S. However, based on 25,000 tweets, “taxes” conjured up negative Romney associations 4:1 over positive Obama associations.

With more than 200 million tweets analyzed daily, SpeedPolls brings the power of social networking sentiment to the political world. now publishes more than 100 types of SpeedPolls and predictions daily. Topics include perennial voter-splitters like Abortion, Guns, Taxes, Economy, Middle East, and Global Warming, along with recently important topics such as “Mitt Romney’s Taxes.” All major competitive races are also covered.

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