Will ‘Minimising’ become the new ‘Supersizing’?

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08/29/2012 (press release: OnlinePR)

New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has created much controversy and discussion with his recent proposal to restrict the sale of sodas larger than 16 ounces at restaurants, movie theatres, and many other foodservice outlets within the city’s jurisdiction. If this proposal passes, it will be the first foodservice portion control measure mandated by the government. Incidentally, New York City was also the first to implement a citywide smoking ban and trans fat ban, which has encouraged a number of other cities to follow. Some may think this measure is extreme. But this could signify the start of government legislation taking a harder line role in the fight against obesity opposed to public education.

Americans have struggled with weight gain for decades. Even with the desire to make the right choices, it is simply difficult to do so with the temptation that exists in the marketplace. Nearly two-thirds of American adults are either overweight or obese. The Hartman Group, a consumer research firm that conducted a report on the subject in 2007, actually discovered that “Americans are increasingly experimenting with incorporating aspects of moderation into their lifestyles.” When the study concluded five years ago, results showed that “minimizing” is increasing and “supersizing” was decreasing. Part of the study evaluated the portion control challenges consumers face when eating at home, work, restaurants and while shopping. By no surprise, consumers were most challenged when dining out since the majority of Americans don’t realize what constitutes a “normal” food portion.

In the UK obesity problems cost us £4.2bn a year and affects one in four people. Our portion sizes have been increasing too. According to the results of a food survey by the Food Standards Agency supermarket ready meals have ballooned over the past 15 years with products such as curry, cottage pies, pasta dishes and casseroles now weighing in at twice the size they were in the 1990s. The same appears to be true for a wide range of takeaway meals with items such as burgers, fries, sandwiches and soft drinks being sold in serving sizes that are up to 100% bigger than they were two decades ago. Add this to the fact that during the same time period activity levels have either stayed the same or decreased.

However, we are beginning to see a growing number of snack manufacturers producing individually packaged 100-calorie portion packs. These products take the guesswork out of portioning. The trend is now catching on in restaurants, with many now voluntarily including calorie information as part of the government’s Responsibility Deal initiative. An increasing number are also offering a specific lower calorie category on their menus.

Caron Leckie, nutritionist at Diet Chef comments “The strength of evidence around portion size and increasing energy intakes means that any progress towards helping us achieve a healthier balanced diet will require some action on portion sizes. Diet Chef aims to make consumer choices easier providing portion-controlled meals for anyone wishing to lose weight as portion control is a fundamental part for both losing and maintaining weight”

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