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08/28/2012 (press release: lindaschneider) // San Diego, CA, United States // Linda Schneider

What happens when you want to stop overeating, but you don’t have the willpower to resist putting food in your mouth?

Author Linda Schneider offers practical willpower support solutions in Mind Over Mouth: 12 Fast Tricks to Stop Eating Automatically and Beat Food Cravings On-Demand.

Schneider struggled with rising weight, knowing she needed to control her eating. Stress at work drove her to the easy comfort offered by the vending machine. A busy home life drove her to eat quickly on the go, which meant grabbing high-carb snacks. Dinner with the family was a time to relax over seconds and thirds.

She tried diet programs, but found them to be expensive and not terribly effective at helping her stop eating in the moment. Diets gave her reasons to lose weight, but they didn’t boost her willpower in the moment of greatest temptation. Out of frustration at her lack of willpower, she decided to come up with solutions of her own.

Mind Over Mouth (Amazon.com ebook) is a compilation of her best 12 stop eating techniques for beating food cravings. Schneider developed these techniques over a course of almost two years, gradually adding new ideas by scouring diet programs, diet web sites, medical sites, and random blogs. The 12 “tricks” that made it to the book are a combination of folk remedy, hypnotherapy, and medical advice. But the common thread that runs through them all is that they are practical and they all work.

Every one of the 12 Mind Over Mouth techniques work in the moment to help someone stop eating. You won’t find fluffy advice like “laughing helps you lose weight” or impractical advice for the moment, like “gradually reduce portion size.” These things may be true, but they do nothing to stop from automatically reaching for that last piece of cherry pie.

Instead, when reaching for that piece of pie, commit to the nano-second of willpower it takes to pop a pinch of pepper onto the tip of your tongue. Or try “Smellicious” an appetite satiation technique that let’s you enjoy the pie without actually eating it.

To stop overeating, purchase the book ($2.99) by going to http://tinyurl.com/8bcdwsy at Amazon.com and read instantly on your computer, phone, or Kindle.

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