New Book Shows Marines the Path to Succeed During Their First Enlistment

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09/28/2012 (press release: DavidGowans) // San Diego, CA, USA // D. Gowans, [email protected]

Once a Marine, Always a Marine, is a mantra often heard among U.S. Marines and Marine Corps veterans. A recently retired Marine Master Sergeant is living that slogan through his newly published self help book titled, Hard Corps Knowledge: How to Succeed in the Marine Corps, now available through Amazon and traditional book retailers.

When asked about his inspiration for the book, Gowans said, “Late in my career I noticed that non-commissioned officers (NCO’s), staff non-commissioned officers (SNCO’s) and senior staff non-commissioned officers (Senior SNCO’s) all seem to give a different flavor of leadership guidance to first and second term Marines. Due to the nature of the Marine Corps’ rank structure, many young Marines never get the benefit of direct leadership guidance from a Senior SNCO, at least not until they’ve gotten themselves in trouble. This book is filled with the Senior SNCO guidance that I have passed on to the few young Marines I met during my last few years on active duty. During that time, it became clear to me that this type on leadership is very much needed within our junior ranks.”

Hard Corps Knowledge is intended to be a simple self help guide for Marine conduct, featuring useful information on how to become a go-to Marine within your unit, how to get your next promotion as quickly as possible, how to avoid the pitfalls that so many young Marines fall prey to, how to take advantage of the opportunities that the United States Marine Corps has to offer; and how to deal with some of the difficulties that first term Marines are often faced with.


D. Gowans served as an active duty Marine for over 20 years before retiring from the Marine Corps in 2010 at the rank of Master Sergeant. His operational experience spans through the Ground, Wing and Support elements of the Marine Corps, providing a unique perspective on leadership, personal responsibility and taking charge of one own future. Gowans currently lives abroad, but can be contacted through [email protected] for further information and inquiries.


Hard Corps Knowledge provides an actionable, step by step guide to achieve four things as a Marine: 1) How to become a go-to Marine in your current or future unit, 2) How to achieve your next promotion in the least amount of time possible, 3) How to find out about and take advantage of some huge opportunities that the Marine Corps has available, and 4) How to intelligently plan a career as a Marine, should you choose to re-enlist. Hard Corps Knowledge can be obtained through Amazon and tradition book distribution channels as:

ISBN-10: 1479272612

ISBN-13: 978-1479272617

Published: 11 Sep 2012 on Kindle, 12 Sep 2012 in paperback

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