Austin Start-up Gennovacap Offers Web Development, SEO, AdWords, and Mobile Apps

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11/27/2012 (press release: Reza) // Austin, Texas, USA // Reza Piri

After leaving his management consulting job in 2009, Reza Piri, packed up his bags and founded Gennovacap; a web development company based in Austin, Tx. Reza wanted to move to Austin because the start-up community was more established than other places in Texas. Once he connected with several freelance web designers and freelance web developers, they began web development on 2 start-up ideas. When these start-ups ran out of money and couldn’t inch any further, Piri decided to turn Gennovacap into a premier technology services enterprise. Piri had always wanted to own and build a start-up business and with this new direction he set out to make it happen.

“I have always had a passion to build, create, and see growth. I like to do web design to create beautiful websites, develop applications that manage business processes, and help businesses get found on the internet through SEO or AdWords.” Piri says, “I just love to create, innovate, and market products.” Piri says he is not just a web designer, web developer, or web marketer; he is a consultant for his clients.

At the young age of 14, Piri was already diving into database design to help a local small business. Piri says he strives for technical innovation, creative problem solving, and marketing savvy. He believes that these primary qualities are what it takes achieve great web design and develop great web applications. “I want every customer to establish a brand, manage it effectively, reach the marketplace, and achieve high sales growth. Everyone can have a web presence, but not everyone can get all 3 custom web services we offer (web design, web development, and web marketing) in one place.”

Since Gennovacap Technology Services opened for business in January 2012, their services have increased from just web design to web development, SEO services, Google AdWords, and they are now breaking into the mobile app development arena. Piri says, “The technology services industry is highly competitive and can often be unsustainable, but we finished out 2012 with success and are looking forward to 2013 with a new strategic plan for growth.” Keep an eye out as this Austin area start-up journeys to become a web development leader.

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