Attics Plus Busts the Common Attic Ventilation Myths

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Attics Plus Attic ventilation

11/25/2012 (press release: nvisionsolutions) // Aurora, Ontario, Canada // Michelle Chouinard

Attic ventilation reduces moisture levels and keeps the circulation of fresh air in a house. It is imperative for all houses to have attic ventilation, as it will also protect the roof. Attic ventilation results in lower temperatures thereby reducing the energy bills. However, lack of proper attic ventilation can cause dampness and increase moisture levels in the attic. With the advice of an expert, attic ventilation installation will be easy. It will also bust the common attic ventilation myths.

Michelle Chouinard, Owner at Attics Plus said, “Attic ventilation is important part of good roofing system. Our experts at Attics Plus give customised solutions to customers. Our team of professionals do a thorough check up and suggest the best suitable Attic ventilation solutions. We take the relation with our customers very seriously. In fact, we take a step forward and ensure that the customer understand everything about attic ventilation.”

Common Attic ventilation Myths

More attic ventilation is better – If there is excess attic ventilation, then it results in small animals and insects finding refuge during bad weather. It also increases the leaks in the roof, as there is an extra entry point during rainy season. Consulting experts from Attics Plus will provide information on the right amount of roof ventilation in a house.

Attic ventilation is for warmer climates – During summer, not only ventilation but the shingling colour, sun exposure and insulation help in maintain the overall energy efficiency of the house. During winter, the moisture content increases and creates condensation, creating problems to roof sheathing. Proper attic ventilation can help prevent ice dams and mildew in the attic.

Attic ventilation removes warm air during winter – If the attic insulation in the house is poor, then cold air enters the house, reducing the temperature in the house. As a result, it allows air with high moisture content into the attic. Eventually, condensation in the attic causes interior damage.

Research on attic ventilation – While research has shown attic ventilation has benefits such as free supply of fresh air, better energy efficiency and reduced energy bills, it has to be installed correctly. Experts from Attics Plus can be the right guide to explain the kind of attic ventilation required for a house.

Roof vents equals attic ventilation – Roof vents are not substitutes for attic ventilation. Roof inspectors will suggest the right measures to ensure proper supply of air in the house.

Attics Plus is a subsidiary of Chouinard Brothers. With an experience of over two decades, Attics Plus offers a gamut of services such as attic insulation, attic ventilation and maintenance of moisture levels.

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