LA Traffic: The Cure

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Everyday Traffic in LA Jim Miller

01/03/2013 (press release: CindyT) // Los Angeles, CA, United States // Cindy Takeda

We’ve been coming at our massive traffic problem all wrong. The freeways keep getting bigger, yet the traffic in and around Los Angeles remains abysmal. Wasting billions of dollars researching SoCal’s traffic problem has failed. Spending millions expanding our roads and freeways has failed. Billions wasted talking about train systems has failed. Our existing infrastructure already provides the solution to our traffic problems, as well as environmental and budget difficulties too.

We need to implement a smart, efficient and advanced rail system down the middle of every freeway and major road. It will be completely powered by solar energy and riders will pay for the project when they purchase tickets, unlike freeway expansions, which is tax-payer money out the window. This modern rail system will be safe, clean and connected allowing riders to smoothly switch routes at any intersection.

This will reduce traffic, pollution and be a model for other cities around the world. Imagine 50% fewer cars on the road and happier commuters, shoppers and travelers. Imagine relaxing on a WiFi-enabled rail system as you commute from the Santa Monica to Downtown, from the Valley to Century City, or from Irvine to Hollywood. The bus system cannot solve this issue, as buses sit in traffic with everyone else. This rail network will be incredibly efficient and, most importantly, beautiful.

The person behind this idea is Jim Miller. Jim is working towards 50,000 signatures that he can personally deliver to Governor Brown. Take a moment to sign your name and say “I want this affordable, efficient, traffic-free, environmentally-friendly and beautifully modern train to travel and commute in and around Los Angeles on our existing major roads and freeways.”

Click here and “SIGN IT IF YOU’D RIDE IT!”

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