NYC Mold Company Helps Clients with Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims and FEMA

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01/19/2013 (press release: FiveBoroMoldSpecialist) // Brooklyn, NY, USA // Motty Katz

NYC Mold Inspection Company Helping Clients with Hurricane Sandy Mold Infestation Insurance Claims and FEMA Case Filings.

NYC Mold Removal Company Announces Its Updated Invoice System for Direct Billing To Insurance Companies and Updated Registrations With FEMA Relief Efforts Due To Spike In Hurricane Sandy Toxic Mold Cases Being Reported.

With the announcement of this New York City based mold inspection and mold removal companies ability to directly bill insurance companies and help with filing FEMA claims, homeowners, property owners, and business owners alike are now saved the almost the entire hassle of dealing with insurance companies. This collective sigh of relief from homeowners has never been more exemplified than with the company’s recent skyrocketing demand for its services due to hurricane sandy flooding causing numerous toxic mold cases and being able to provide FEMA relief help, support, and answers. The NYC mold removal company’s mold inspection, mold testing and mold removal services have put it on the map as a premier provider of environmental mold remediation solutions in the NYC tri-state area. While always adhering to the highest standards of industry regulations and environmentally friendly products, the mold remediation experts at Five Boro Mold Specialist easily provide some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

According to a company spokesperson, “Our NYC Mold remediation company has the highest success rate in dealing with black toxic mold in basements and attics of homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings. Unfortunately, a lot of insurance companies and current FEMA guidelines either do not cover flooding or do not cover mold, or only cover mold damage up to the flooded water level.Most homes that are older usually have questionable insulation and are notorious for moisture intrusion problems and rampant mold problems. These structures are in constant need for mold remediation services consecutively. Our guarantee of mold resolution for a two-year period has revolutionized the standards of the mold inspection and removal industries in NYC and makes our clinets feel more comfportable in using our NYC mold services. It is particularly important in our industries to stay up-to-date with all new regulations, policies, and of course professional certifications for times like these”.

A spokesperson for the company further elaborated on public adjuster services provided by their company if necessary. This gives the consumer even greater control especially during this stressful period with the recent Hurricane Sandy flooding and toxic mold and waste cases on the rise. The spokesperson from Five Boro Mold Specialist continued to close out the interview by stating, “Homeowners concerns of future mold infestations can also be put to rest with our pioneered, professional comprehensive mold inspection report that will entail any changes that the homeowner must make to safeguard against any subsequent mold infestations. Our mold inspection and mold prevention report may include small changes such as installing a sump pump, sealing your foundation, fixing a leaky roof, and/or even simply installing dehumidifiers in high moisture zones in a home or place of business”.

This NYC Mold Removal Company has been proudly serving the New York City Metro area for over twenty years- Five Boro Mold Specialist. After dealing with several hurricanes and numerous flooding problems in NYC for the past twenty plus years, while also recently being acknowledged by as a “Super Award” winner for professional NYC mold inspection services and NYC mold removal services.

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