Brand new Creative Inspire T3300 Speaker System

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01/30/2013 (press release: OnlinePR) // UK // Caroline Hodgson

Creative has developed the Inspire T3300; it’s most impressive speaker system yet. This high performance 2.1 speaker system comes complete with amazing bass.

Leading the way with an impressive bass and accurate full spectrum audio system, the Creative Inspire T3300 is sure to knock your socks off. Creative has taken high performance at its word, and users will not be disappointed.

Whether they prefer a thumping bass, or are happier with a loud mid-bass, the large down-firing ported subwoofer comes with user-friendly controls so customers can easily adjust the bass level to suit their tastes.

The audio spectrum of the all-new speaker system has been fully enhanced, incorporating Creative’s Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) in order to produce a louder mid-bass in tighter enclosures. Usually speakers require long and wide port tubes in order to increase volume and bass; Creative has separated the tubes into two separate slots and then reconstructed them to fit into a tighter enclosure, making it possible for users in experience a louder mid-bass, without having to risk tripping over long wires.

The Image Focusing Plate (IFP) has been designed to improve the tonal accuracy of music when it’s played at a higher volume. This means that users will be able to listen to have their music as loud as they like, and increase the mid-bass, without losing any of the tonal quality.

Caroline Hodgson, BT Shop Executive, said: “The Creative Inspire T3300 speaker system is our most impressive yet; we at BT Shop are proud to say that we constantly deliver goods of the highest quality to our customers, for a great price. This new speaker system from Creative is set to be our best-selling speaker system of all time; it’s simply flying off the shelves.”

To purchase the Creative Inspire T3300 Speaker System, or to view similar products such as the Creative Sound Blaster gaming headsets, sound cards and other speakers, as well as digital cordless phones visit BT Shop’s website at

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