Chouinard Bros Offers Advice on Preventing Roof Damage

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01/30/2013 (press release: nvisionsolutions) // Aurora, Ontario, Canada // Michelle Chouinard

Winter season in Canada can cause extensive damage to the roofs in a house. If the roofing system is not sound, then there is the threat of the roof falling with the excessive weight of snow. In addition, snow on the roof accumulates to form ice dams which can lead to leakage in the house.

Removing the snow and preventing roof damage requires trained professionals.

Chouinard Bros, a leading roofing systems company shared important advice on preventing roof damage. The company has a team of experts that provides roofing solutions to ensure that the roofs are strong thereby preventing any damage to the house.

According to Michelle Chouinard, Owner at Chouinard Brothers, “A roof that protects the house from the weather also faces continuous wear and tear from heavy snow and rains. If the roofing system is patchy, then your whole family is under the danger of being injured. We believe that our advice, which comes with years of experience, will be able to guide the residents. We want our customers to understand that a sound roofing system will never be a potential threat.”

Preventing Roof Damage

Placing ridge vents and soffit vents will allow cold air into the roof. If the opening is wide enough, then the air will flow easily.

Insulating the attic floor, ducts and exhaust fans will ensure that temperature remains constant. Kitchen and bathroom ducts should let out air through the entire roof rather than the soffit vents.

Electrical cables also allow warm air to escape. Sealing them as well as vent pipes will block the air passage.

Old lights that emit excess heat should be replaced with modern fixtures as insulating them may cause fire hazards.

Covering unsealed attic hatch will entrap the heat in the roof. Sealing any opening and gaps in the roofs will prevent any further damage.

Chouinard Brothers provides roofing system solutions entry door installation and replacement services, as well as roofing systems. With a record of accomplishment of 40 years, Chouinard provides labour warranty for up to 10 years, has computerized metal shops for faster delivery and provides financing options to its customers. Growing with the aim of building an inclusive environment, Chouinard sponsors children’s sports teams throughout the Greater Toronto area. Chouinard Brothers can be reached at 905-479-8300 or 1-800-521-3229 via telephone or through e-mail: [email protected]

For more information, contact:

Michelle Chouinard

Chouinard Brothers

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