KungFuzos Launches eTraining Online Learning Platform

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02/05/2013 (press release: KungFuzos) // Dallas, TX, USA // Cheryl Lenamon

KungFuzos, a global marketing company specializing in business video launched a revolutionary online Video eLearning platform recently. The eTraining platform enables corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals to offer online courses for education and training.

“Traditionally, companies have either printed books and workbooks, or created audio CD’s for in-house or customer use,” said Jayne Rios, founder and CEO of KungFuzos. “In either case,” she continued, “neither option solicited feedback or offered an interactivity option. Our eTraining platform eliminates the need for printing and provides a conduit for Q & A, video sessions and interaction between the learner and the instructor.”

Prior to its creation, eLearning programs were cost-prohibitive and fairly complicated. However, the technology incorporated into the KungFuzos eTraining platform, is easy to use and inexpensive. Anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can master the eTraining system. And anyone around the world with a computer or smart phone can access the courses.

About KungFuzos

KungFuzos LLC is in the business of creating interactive experiences for our customers. We specialize in lowering customer acquisition costs while increasing sales using our cutting-edge video technologies. Located in Dallas, TX, we opened our marketing and video company in 2003. Our business is about staying out front. We give our customers “The Edge.” We do it efficiently and effectively with one thing in mind – improving our customers bottom line. KungFuzos is a leading-edge, interactive marketing company that takes the “scare factor” out of new marketing and video technology. Contact us at http://www.kungfuzos.com or call 469-287-5355.

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