Corinne Guest & Barrington Realty Company Now Specializes In Absentee Owner And Vacant Home Sales

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/ If you are an absentee owner or have a vacant property you need to sell in Barrington Illinois or the nearby Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, you’ll be best served by hiring a specialist. Hire Corinne Guest of Barrington Realty Company, Barrington, Northern Illinois.

Absentee owners or vacant property property owners that need to sell in Barrington Illinois or the nearby Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, are best served by hiring a specialist. Generalists sell whatever real estate they can, specialists have custom services designed around the niche they specialize in. These services are included and in place to help the niche market of absentee homeowner sales and vacant property sales, and that’s what Corinne Guest specializes in.

The real estate market here in Illinois 2013 is slow to rebound. In other locations the market is heating up very fast. There’s no doubt sales are doing better here in Barrington or the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, but sellers should not get over excited yet. Sales are beginning to see recovery but there is still a lot of inventory on the shelves. Mild optimism is fine but don’t compare Illinois to States that are rocking and rolling with fast sales and a shortage of inventory.

Leaving a vacant property sale to a generalist, most likely will result in very general service. Just the usual old things, no pizzazz, not much effort, just another listing. A home may become one of those left on the shelf for longer than average time because the presentation was mediocre to begin with but as time passes it becomes a negative influence on the decision makers, buyers. Is this the kind of effort a seller wants to experience?

Corinne Guest, the Managing Broker of Barrington Realty Company specializes in two distinct parts of the real estate market in both Barrington and the nearby Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Selling homes that are vacant and selling homes on behalf of absentee owners is one. The other is working with relocation clients, both buyers and sellers. These two niche markets are linked and Corinne’s professional and personal experience of relocation and property management sets her apart from the crowd.

As Corinne says, “Absentee homeowners that have vacant property to sell deserve better than general service”. With a Fluffing and Flushing service that will keep any home in tip top condition while being marketed, she takes care of bugs and mice, cobwebs and dust, as part of her weekly visit to each property. Her marketing doesn’t stop at a few snaps of the home; she takes an extensive quantity of photos and uses them for extreme exposure across the internet. The MLS is one thing but homes need more than that. She creates virtual tours, YouTube videos, an individual property website with domain, writes about her listings on her seven real estate and relocation blogs, features homes on her personal and company web sites, and is constantly researching ways to promote her listings. Corinne is active in social media across many platforms allowing homes to be seen worldwide.

All that Corinne does to present her listings in the best possible light takes a considerable amount of time. For this reason her maximum online exposure for Absentee Owners and Vacant Homes is limited to Barrington IL real estate and the surrounding Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

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An independent real estate brokerage based in Barrington Illinois which is owned and operated by Corinne Guest and her husband Jonathan Guest.

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