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/ Braden Kelley, founder of Business Strategy Innovation, announced today the immediate availability of five free innovation tools related to the Nine Innovation Roles framework from his best-selling book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons on

Braden Kelley, founder of Business Strategy Innovation, announced today the immediate availability on of five free innovation tools related to the popular Nine Innovation Roles framework from his best-selling book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons.

These tools will provide organizations with everything they need to conduct a Nine Innovation Roles workshop or team meeting to enhance innovation team success – for free - WITHOUT the involvement of innovation speaker and trainer Braden Kelley.

Making these tools available for free download is intended to make powerful innovation insights accessible for the greater good, so that their use is open to all organizations, regardless of whether they have the budget to fly in an experienced Nine Innovation Roles facilitator or not. Now every organization can take advantage of the power of these tools using their own employees if they so desire.

The five free Nine Innovation Roles tools available for free download include:

1.The Nine Innovation Roles themselves
2.Nine Innovation Roles presentation for team meetings or workshops
3.Nine Innovation Roles Worksheet for gathering data on team makeup
4.Nine Innovation Roles card deck design
5.Nine Innovation Roles video for use in team meetings or workshops

The Nine Innovation Roles framework was created to address a vacuum in the innovation knowledge space, the lack of a roles-based approach to innovation team success.

One of the most toxic innovation myths is the idea, or the myth, of the lone innovator. The truth is that if you point to any supposed lone innovator, from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs to Alexander Graham Bell, all of these people had whole teams of people working behind the curtain on the innovations that are popularly ascribed to them. It may be easier for our human brains to elevate individuals to the role of innovation heroes, but the fact is that innovation is a team sport.

While invention and creativity can be solo activities, innovation is collaborative by its very nature. Because innovation success requires collaboration, it is more beneficial for organizations to take a roles-based approach to innovation than a personality or skill-centric approach to innovation. With this in mind Braden Kelley created the Nine Innovation Roles to be part of his popular book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

“Too often we treat people as commodities that are interchangeable and maintain the same characteristics and aptitudes. Of course, we know that people are not interchangeable, yet we continually pretend that they are anyway — to make life simpler for our reptile brain to comprehend. Deep down we know that people have different passions, skills, and potential, but even when it comes to innovation, we expect everybody to have good ideas.

I’m of the opinion that all people are creative, in their own way. That is not to say that all people are creative in the sense that every single person is good at creating lots of really great ideas, nor do they have to be. I believe instead that everyone has a dominant innovation role at which they excel, and that when properly identified and channeled, the organization stands to maximize its innovation capacity. I believe that all people excel at one of nine innovation roles, and that when organizations put the right people in the right innovation roles, that your innovation speed and capacity will increase.”

The Nine Innovation Roles:

5.Customer Champion
8.Magic Maker

The embedded presentation shows organizations definitions for each of the Nine Innovation Roles above and also the beautiful tarot-style card design that can either be printed with the vendor Braden Kelley uses - adMagic - or downloaded and printed with whatever printer people might choose to use in whichever part of the world that they live in.

More information and all of the free downloads may be found on

What others are saying about Braden Kelley:

“A next-generation innovation writer and thought leader worth watching.”

— Scott D Anthony, Head of Asian Operations, Innosight (via Harvard Business Review)

“As a frequent visitor to Innovation Excellence and fan of his work, I immediately thought of Braden to develop a compelling series of thought-provoking content on the intersection of open innovation and talent management. Through both a webinar and a follow-on white paper, Braden did not disappoint. His content was fresh, original, and provided practical guidance for OI and HR leader alike, and the feedback from readers was very positive. I look forward to engaging with Braden again on future programs.”

— Steve Bonadio, Head of Marketing & Product Marketing, InnoCentive, Inc.

About Business Strategy Innovation

Business Strategy Innovation was founded by Braden Kelley in 2003 to help organizations accelerate their innovation journeys and to build stronger and more successful innovation teams. In addition, Business Strategy Innovation helps organizations use social media and other tools to attract and engage customers, partners, and employees to help the organization achieve its goals. Business Strategy Innovation and Braden Kelley can help organizations create a culture of innovation, tackle innovation barriers, train employees to be more innovative, or build a more profitable, more social business.

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