Totally Wicked Supports UKIP’s Opposition To EU Tobacco Products Directive

2013-03-31 20:13:00 (GMT) ( - News Providers News)

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/ UKIP set to oppose the EU Tobacco Products Directive on all levels, stating the EU have no jurisdiction on this matter.

The EU tobacco directive proposes to ban e-cigarettes, yet many experts are calling for a re think of this, as they fear regulating e-cigarettes and attempting to limited their sales and classify certain electronic cigarettes as a medicine would restrict access and perpetuate the epidemic of smoking related deaths.

In a letter to one of his constituents, Benjamin Wrench, Nigel Farrage’s PA laid out his party’s line: “ UKIP, being strongly libertarian, agrees with your personal rights to take tobacco and the like for whatever personal pleasure you take from it. We believe that the EU should have no jurisdiction over us either as persons or as the United Kingdom in these matters, and that we are entirely able to take these decisions for ourselves as responsible individuals and as an independent nation. We will certainly oppose this legislation at all levels, from votes in committee, speeches as opportunity arises, meetings with industry lobbyists (BAT are in contact with us), and final votes in the Strasbourg parliament.

In a more rear-guard manner, it may also be possible for UKIP to put down amendments to the legislation to water it down in progress, or loosen the limits for such things as milligrams allowed for OTC sales. Unfortunately, our chances of success in these votes and amendments are small as the three old parties all vote against us and in line with the EU band-wagon. The EU is entirely against personal liberty and freedom, and certainly wishes you to be forced to be healthy in the way it decides for you.”

UKIP MEP’s have been the only political representatives that have stated clearly their position and justified their opposition to the threat of punitive regulation that is attempting to prevent the nascent electronic cigarette market from being allowed to reach the global users of conventional cigarettes. Given the significant potential these products have to address early mortality rates of European and UK smokers, it should also beg the question of the motivations of these agencies and regulating bodies. Articles either written or supported by UKIP MPs, such as most recently in the Huffington Post where UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom cited the illogicality of the EU’s position on this issue, provide clarity and logic to the argument that electronic cigarettes are a ‘force for good’ and access to these products should be supported by the lightest possible regulation.

Managing Director of Totally Wicked E-Liquid Jason Cropper feels that UKIP is the only party to support the rights of e-cigarette users and the electronic cigarette industry as a whole. He said “UKIP is the only political party willing to support UK Vapers’ rights to continue to use their electronic cigarette products with the confidence and clarity to show the proposed regulation for what it is, an attempt to limit consumer choice, perpetuate the epidemic of smoking related deaths and illuminate on the obvious agenda of those agencies and bodies that seek to protect established markets.”

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