Celebrity Endorsements Drive Weight Loss Products Increased Sales

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04/16/2013 (press release: LifeStyle)

By now most readers have probably heard of the Raspberry ketones and may have some sense of the miraculous results that this all-natural fruit extract has had for dieters. What readers may not have heard of are the high profile celebrities that have tried and endorsed Raspberry ketones. From Kim Kardashian to Oprah, Raspberry Ketones are winning new converts on the daily.

But no celebrity voice has had more to say about the benefits of Raspberry Ketones than Dr. Oz of the Dr. Oz Show. And with a medical degree, no one is bettered suited to evaluate the effectiveness of Raspberry ketones than Dr. Oz either.

So what is it about Raspberry ketones that has so many high profile figures associating themselves with it?

The Benefits of Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss

It begins with the fact that the Raspberry ketone is an all-natural ingredient that has long been used as an aromatic flavoring agent in everything from cereals to perfume. This long track record is a testament to Raspberry ketone’s safety and value.

More importantly however is the results that Raspberry ketones promise. When combined with exercise and proper diet, Raspberry ketones promise to provide dieters with the kind of weight loss they perhaps have only dreamed of in the past.

How do Raspberry Ketones work?

Scientists believe that the Raspberry ketone achieves it effect by harnessing the body’s own natural processes in weight loss. Raspberry ketones stimulate the body to create a hormone called Adiponectin. The hormone boosts the user’s metabolism and makes the body into super-fat burner.

Adiponenctin pulls a bit of a fast one on the body, making it behave as if it is much younger and slimmer. Put simply it makes the body ‘feel’ as if is already slimmer and act according. Many people have noticed that those who are already thin seem to have an easier time staying thin and are actually able to eat more without gaining weight the way that those who struggle with weight do. This is because of entropy, the natural tendency for processes to remain as they are. Adiponectin turns that on its head, making the body believe its unnatural state is being overweight and that it needs to return to being slim and energetic.

In addition, Raspberry ketones are also loaded with other antioxidants which not only help the dieter feel healthier but which reduce hunger pangs and make it easier for dieters to eat less.

And as if that weren’t enough, the best Raspberry ketone products also contain other all natural ingredients that will help users feel healthier and lose weight more efficiently. One of the best Raspberry ketone providers on the market does exactly this expertly mixing in not just Raspberry ketones themselves but also African Mango, Acai Berry and Green Tea Extract.

For those who would like to do further research and perhaps purchase a bottle for themselves, check out the link below:


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