ROK Global Applications Group, LLC introduces IT as an Enterprise

2013-05-06 10:24:49 (GMT) ( - Press Release Technology News)

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05/02/2013 (press release: yjones) // Charleston, SC, US // Carey Jenkins

ROK Global introduces their newest service, IT infrastructure. The purpose behind ROK’s new service is to allow users to easily view, understand and interpret geographically referenced data right from the desktop.

Whether clients need to use ROK’s Esri Application Service Provider (ASP) licensing to host their map services or leverage ROK’s thin client technology using Citrix to deploy their desktop licenses of ArcGIS for editing and maintaining their GIS data, expending valuable time and resources to keep their software applications secure, fully maintained, and up-to-date is one thing they shouldn’t have to worry about with this new service.

Sample Benefits:

• Security and Safety

Off-site storage and data backups ensure constant data security. ROK’s physical, operational, and software measures employ 24/7/365 monitoring.

• Cost Effective

IT costs can be dramatically reduced by removing costs of deploying and maintaining local high end workstations and avoiding separate, expensive purchases of third-party equipment and services.

• Reliability

ArcGIS for Desktop applications are hosted on highly-available, high-performance servers to provide reliability and the latest technologies for load balancing, clustering, and redundancy.

• Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Even when unforeseen events pose an obstacle or threat, client’s can still get immediate access to key business applications to carry out your business continuity plans.

• Optimized Performance

With the applications running in ROK’s world-class data centers, uprgrades and patches are handled for by ROK, so clients will always be running on an optimized system.

“With ROK GIS Application Hosting, you realize the highest levels of security and reliability for your ArcGIS for Desktop applications and data. Our expert technical team will deploy, maintain, update, and optimize your ArcGIS for Desktop applications, as well as provide the infrastructure required to run them. No more keeping up with all the latest hardware specifications. We take care of that. At the same time, you will maintain complete control over your applications and your data. We are very excited about this new offering” says ROK’s sales director Carey Jenkins.

Ultimately, ROK GIS Application Hosting can give clients GIS solutions to common challenges, whether they are related to the IT, GIS, or finance offices. In addition, the IT professionals can be freed to focus on more mission-related tasks.

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