Shaman Discovers: Most Want To Be RICH Before Enlightened. Says, Do Both. Now!

2013-05-20 13:24:37 (GMT) ( - Press Release News)

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05/17/2013 (press release: ShamanGrayOwl) // Denver, Colorado, USA // James Roberts

You wanting to get rich before spiritual development is not much of a surprise to Shaman Gray Owl. He spent most of his life discovering the GREAT SPIRITS’ SECRETS. One of the GREAT SECRETS that Shaman Gray Owl discovered is that being RICH is OK! No more dumpster diving and looking for handouts. He says, “Being rich is a great thing. What you do with YOUR MONEY is where the SPIRIT QUEST begins.” Everyone wants more money and it is usually A Bitch getting rich. That’s why there are so few people out there doing what they love to do. So few doing what they love and making lots of money doing it. Even fewer are teaching ways to GET WHAT YOU WANT! Your Way. If you are one of the many who want to do what you love and want to DO MORE then follow these simple instructions:

3, Realize that if you could think of what is best, you would have already done it.

2, For a Shaman Approved way to promote what you love and prosper then go to YES! Gray Owl uses this. He refuses to be part of anything that does not have INTEGRETY.

1, For your next step on your Spiritual Path visit There you will find what I like the most. FREE HELP! Yeppie.

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