Gennovacap Technology Services Integrates New Web Design with Optimal UX

2013-05-25 03:02:41 (GMT) ( - Press Release Website Announcement News)

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05/21/2013 (press release: Reza) // Austin , Texas , USA // Reza Piri

Website Design Moves Toward Enhanced UX

Gennovacap is proud to announce its recent web design and web development project that is more innovative than ever. The new iteration of web development was created with the idea of optimizing the users experience while navigating the site. “This will bring our internet presence to the next level,” said Reza Piri, Founder of Gennovacap.

The new web development was essential for enhancing Gennovcap’s website click-thru-ratio, which is an important factor in search engine optimization. The increased use of Google searches in recent years makes it a very competitive platform for business to advertise. This competition makes companies strive for search engine optimization. We also offer Google AdWords services, this is actual advertisements running through Google searches that are paid for by click. We have proven search engine optimization and Google AdWords to be effective ways of increasing website traffic. “Once the user gets to your site you want them to stick around for a while,” says Piri. Enhancements include:

• User Experience - Users need a simple user interface and layout to help them find what they are looking for quicker.

• Improved Navigation - Increased click-thru-ratios allow for higher ranking in search engines and gives the user a better overall experience. This click-thru-ratio is tracked through Google Analytics reports.

• Quality UI Design - Creative design that builds brand identity.

• Blog Feature - Incorporating the blog into the website really helps with building links for search engine ranking and keeping relevant content for users to enjoy.

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WHO: Gennovacap Technology Services a local Austin, Texas tech startup specializing in web development, mobile app development, web design, internet marketing, SEO and AdWords.

WHAT: Announcement of Gennovacap website redesign and new iteration of web development employed on website.

WHERE: 1620 E. Riverside #1081 Austin, TX

WHY: Web development in order to enhance UX and increase click-thru-ratio for search engine optimization.

CONTACTS: Any questions please contact Reza Piri at 512-769-3026 – [email protected]

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