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It Works Body Wraps Top Distributor In New Orleans Get 4 Body Wraps For $59

06/07/2013 (press release: maximusbiz) // New Iberia, Louisiana, USA // Ronelle Jacques

Get 4 Body Wraps For $59

They call it “That Crazy Wrap Thing” but there is nothing crazy about the results and profits being generated from body wrapping. With different types, and procedures flooding the Reality TV and social media circuits, Body Wraps from a company called It Works Global has emerged as this summer’s Hot New Buzz Product.

Additional proof could be found in the featured cover story in the May 2013 edition of Beauty World News. Their kick off to summer publication highlighted five steps to look great in swim wear this year, and the product of choice was It Works Global Body Wraps.

Body wrapping is a process of wrapping sections of body in padding/garments design to either moisturize, detox, slim, or tone a designated area of the body. A process originally perfected by prize fighters in order to reach weight requirements, it appears body wrapping has now caught on with the average vacationer as a way to look stunning on the beach.

Many body wrap distributors like New Orleans based Fatty Girl Wraps are now experiencing sort of a boom in sales after a period of relative obscurity. The reason for the sudden surge in sales could be attributed to the claims made by It Works! Global Body Wraps that customers could see results after one 45 minute application.

“All of a sudden my phones started ringing off the hook” says Ronelle Jacques owner of Fatty Girl Wraps. “Once one of the actors on the Real House Wives of Atlanta was filmed in body wrap, our brand of Body Wraps became a must have.”

With the increasing popularity of It Works Global Body Wraps, Fatty Girl Wraps is now making it easier for new customers to get their Loyal Customer price of $59 for 4 Body Wraps. Ronelle Jacques made the announcement this week in New Orleans after noticing a major increase in the amount of Loyal Customers that were signing up on her website.

The normal price of 4 It Works Global Body Wraps is $99, but customers signing up at http://www.FattyGirlWraps.com can get the Loyal Customer Price of $59. Ronelle Jacques says she is enjoying the spike in Loyal Customers enrollments, and it serves as proof that It Works Body Wraps are really out there working!

“We are really impressed with the large amount of customers who have decided to sign up for our Loyal Customer program; it really speaks to the quality and proven results of It Works Body Wraps. We never made the claim that our body wraps will work for all customers, but for those committed to a new healthy lifestyle, then our brand is the perfect fit.”

It Works Body Wraps achieve maximum results when the wrap pads are applied directly to the targeted area, and then sealed in with saran wrap. At the core of all natural ingredients is a detoxifying blend designed to assist the body normal fat burning ability, while attacking cellulite pockets.

It Works Body Wraps are apparently working for hundreds of clients who have signed on as Loyal Customers at www.FattyGirlWraps.com and Ronelle Jacques says she now has a need for more independent distributors to service them.

How To Become A Distributor With It Works Body Wraps?

Ronelle Jacques went on to say that many of her Loyal Customers are now deciding to join her team as Independent Distributors. Happy clients of Fatty Girl Wraps are given the opportunity to sign on with the company as an independent distributor and benefit from the mutual success of the brand.

“We refer to our independent distributor opportunity as mutual success because many of our clients became distributors because of all of the success they had shedding inches off their bodies. Once they shared their testimonials with friends and family, a new sale was always created.”

Those new sales are really starting to add up for Ronelle Jacques and as she has now become one of the major distributors for the New Orleans metropolitan area. With a constant flow of Loyal Customers signing up every day, Fatty Girl Wraps is now adding more independent distributors to their teams in New Orleans and Atlanta Georgia.

It a recent interview with Brittany Davis (who became an independent distributor for It Works through Fatty Girl Wraps) she says the key to her success was due largely to the investment Fatty Girl Wraps made in her training and inventory.

“When I joined as an Independent Distributor with It Works I had two key components that contributed to my success: the It Works Brand of Body Wraps, and the inventory investment from Fatty Girl Wraps. Not only was I successfully trained in order to make money from day one, but Fatty Girl Wraps matched my initial inventory order. Having double the inventory helped me recoup my start up investment in record time, priceless.”

Ronelle Jacques says she now has her eyes on the Baton Rouge / Lafayette Louisiana market and has plans to place body wrap store front locations in the Baton Rouge surrounding area. Fatty Girl Wraps is also in the process of recruiting independent distributors from New Orleans to Baton Rouge due to the increase in demand for It Works Body Wraps, which will make them the largest Body Wrap Distributor in Louisiana.

Founded in 2001, It Works! Global is an innovative leader in the direct sales/network marketing industries that offers health, wellness, and skin care product lines that produce instant results. It is widely recognized for their world’s first-to-market product, the It Works! Wrap—a contouring product that can tighten, tone, and firm any area of your body in as little as 45 minutes.

Direct Selling News, based in Lake Dallas, Texas, ranked the local It Works Global 56th on its list, citing $200 million in annual sales. It Works! Global sells dietary supplements and weight loss body wraps to independent distributors worldwide who, in turn, sell the products to consumers. Earlier this year, It Works — one of Southwest Florida’s fastest-growing companies — bought a new 36,000-square-foot headquarters overlooking the Manatee River in Palmetto.

Ronelle Jacques concluded our interview saying her ultimate goal is to help customers win the battle for their bodies and their overall health, a battle that she’s finally starting to win.

To find out how to become Loyal Customer and get 4 Body Wraps for $59 or how to become an independent distributor with It Works please visit http://www.FattyGirlWraps.com

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