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2013-06-21 17:30:37 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Press Release News)

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Mid Century Mobler

06/20/2013 (press release: mcmobler) // San Francisco, CA, USA // Julian Goldklang

Step into the double doors of Mid Century Mobler’s discreet shop on Shotwell Street and you’ll quickly be in awe. Hundreds of rare and interesting pieces from the 1950s and 1960s populate the landscape of this stark warehouse in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco. But this virtual goldmine of mid century modern heaven was not built overnight.


Mid Century Mobler was founded by Julian Goldklang three years ago out of a small one car garage in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco. At the time, his client base, as well as the source of his finds, were exclusively local. After a year and a half in the small leaky garage, he decided he could work on a larger scale - not only selling to customers around the world, but bringing those customers furniture from outside of the U.S. He took a leap of faith, gathered his savings, and flew to England to put together his first container of mid century pieces. After a few more trips to England and Denmark, he has opened a the largest mid century store in Northern California - a 5000 square foot warehouse in the Mission district of San Francisco. Though they only been open a mere three months, the response has been tremendous. Northern California has been waiting for a space that caters towards their modern design style and budget, and Mid Century Mobler is it.

Breathing New Life into Antique Dealing:

Over the course of three belaboring years, Julian Goldklang has developed a simple Craigslist posting into a mid century modern empire with the largest inventory of mid century furniture in Northern California. None of this would have been possible if Goldklang hadn’t reshaped the idea of antique dealing.

So often antique stores and vintage dealers open their doors to have them closed a year later. Dealers depended on word of mouth and consistent clients for their bread and butter. Knowing these methods wouldn’t suffice, Goldklang created a network of digital marketplaces to reach the Bay Area and beyond. What began as a few Craigslist ads here and there grew to a sizable online business shipping pieces to Seattle, Austin, and Brooklyn on a weekly basis.

With a savvy for promoting and advertising in a world that is becoming vastly digital, the demand for his furniture and time has grown exponentially. From managing the site, answering inquiries, meeting with customers, and keeping regular store hours on the weekend- Julian Goldklang does it all. Proving that ideas alone won’t earn your living, Goldklang has a refreshing model of work ethic that relies on giving himself entirely to his passion.

Sustainability and Heritage of Mid Century Mobler:

There has been a definite shift in the culture that seems to be revived from its Ikea O.D. There is an interest in permanence and legacy, which Mid Century Mobler supplies. Rich with Danish furniture 50+ years old, each piece has a patina, subtle indescribable aroma, and the style of an era not unlike our own. These are the qualities that cannot be manufactured today and their rarity makes them revered among those who appreciate such heritage.

Customers are in search of items that carry a sustainability to their existence. Mid century pieces appear as small anomalies within the market overwrought with particle board and cheap laminate. Each piece was designed to age, so that the wood would evolve and take on new qualities as time wore on. Each flourish of a detailed handle or mitered corner had a designers influence and was crafted with an artistic eye. There was very little separation from form and function. Yet today it seems that one can select either one or the other.


If you’d like more information about mid century furniture, or to schedule an interview with Julian Goldklang, please call Desiree Myers at 415-920-3739 or email her at [email protected]

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