23 Reasons twenty-somethings should be working at Microsoft by Tory Reiss

2013-07-17 14:54:51 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Entertainment Press Release News)

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07/12/2013 (press release: MiklinSEO) // Tory Reiss

1. Microsoft is entering a resurgent period as it re-imagines itself as a devices and services company. This screenshot says it all (Blue is MSFT, Red is AAPL).

Stock wars!

2. You’ll always get the latest and greatest technology, because Ballmer loves giving things away.

3. Microsoft is a truly global company so you’ll get to make friends with other employees your age all around the globe. (This comes in super handy when you have a 14 hour layover in Amsterdam and need a couch to crash on. True story)

4. Not only can you make friends all around the world, but there are job opportunities in every country you can think of.

5. Microsoft takes mentor-ship very seriously, you’ll be able to learn from seasoned veterans around the company.

Microsoft Encourages Corporate Citizenship

6. Millennials love giving back and no other company gives back like Microsoft. We reached a $1 billion milestone in employee giving this year!

7. While we’re talking charity, Microsoft will match 100% of any charitable donations you make AND pay any organizations you spend time volunteering at. I still find that incredible.

8. Microsoft rewards its employees for exercising! You’re actually given a yearly stipend to spend on fitness, whether for a gym membership, fitness equipment, etc.

9. Across the board, I’ve been blown away at the quality of person that works at Microsoft. Not just in terms of their professional ability, but their eagerness to help others, do the right thing, and put the team first.

Silliness is Part of the Company Culture

10. Silliness is part of the company culture. Everyone here is a nerd at heart and all it takes is watching one of our keynotes to see that work at Microsoft can be a lot of fun.

11. You’ll get the latest software before any of your friends.

12. Good performance is recognized instantly and rewarded accordingly.

13. New hires are given an enormous amount of responsibility right off the bat.

14. Microsoft technologies enable you to be flexible in the way you work. Your data and apps can follow you wherever you go so many roles allow you to work from home or other remote locations.

15. Let’s be honest, you can never go wrong with a name like “Microsoft” on your resume. Everyone will know you have some great experience.

16. You own your own destiny at Microsoft. There is no linear paths to follow, you can go as far as your ambition will carry you.

17. People will assume you know everything about “technology.”

18. Microsoft invests heavily in your further education. Whether it’s through workshops, videos, our library, graduate school, or training software, Microsoft encourages its employees to never stop learning.

Constant Feedback and Coaching

19. You’ll receive constant feedback and coaching on areas of strength and where to improve.

20. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and actively supported.

21. You’ll build a great network of very intelligent and ambitious co-workers.

22. Microsoft is very social and sharing is part of the daily routine thanks to Yammer.

23. Microsoft is incredible generous with its vacation time and leaves of absence (paternity leave and sabaticals ftw!).

* Tory Reiss has been a Microsoft employee for exactly 1 year as of 3 days ago.

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