Authority and Relevance – Two most talk about terms in SEO

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SEO has always been a hot topic on the internet. We rush to get our websites indexed and ranked on Google and the other search engines and we perform the SEO that has been taught to us. Time and again we come across the terms Authority and Relevance when SEO is being discussed. They tell that our site must carry authority and must be relevant. The terms are sometimes confusing yet so clear. Let’s try to entangle the knots and find out what actually authority and relevance mean.

Relevance – This is the easier term to understand, so let’s look at this first. If you are developing web copy you must not go off topic. This means if you are selling Pizza, you must talk about pizza and not the burgers when you discuss fast food. Similarly, when you are writing a web copy, you would first research for the search terms that your ‘to be’ customers are searching for. “20 inch cheese pizza” could be a good choice for a keyword for a pizza vendor, but “Pizza sauce at 20 cents” might not work for him. Your relevance would get hurt and you would be confusing yourself and the search engines, hence you ranking would get hurt. Understanding the depth of the keywords and using the ones that are related to your marketing niche would help you achieve ranking and web traffic. Google is smart and knows that off relevance web copy and optimization would frustrate the readers.

– You have to make people believe in you and your web pages. Surely this demands more serious work from your side. The more search engine likes your page, the more higher it will be ranked. The flow of traffic naturally would increase but then if there is a trust deficit your magic won’t work. For things to flow in the positive direction you would have to:

Create unique content with relevance being one of the basic ingredients. The type of content that could help people to learn and understand your products, solve their burning issues and inculcate a want for the products or services that you are selling.

Good content attracts links. These are the important elements especially if the links are flowing from authority websites. Here we must look into a factor known as ‘Page Rank’. Google assigns page rank to authority sites. The rank flows from 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest rank. The higher page rank sites link back to your site, the rank bleeds and makes your web pages stronger on the search engine, but make sure that the sites linking back are the site relevant to your market niche.

Being relevant helps; the links and page rank cumulatively give the website authority on the web and people start trusting your business presence.

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