Royal Thai Army Works In The Situation Under Emergency Decree

2014-02-12 14:58:31 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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02/12/2014 (press release: JaturontThan) // Kittima Chanwattanasil

Royal Thai Army deputy spokeswoman Colonel Winchai Suwaree has provided new information about the public’s blockading of the Army in protest, which required legislation.

In the form of an emergency decree, the emergency decree authorizes the Commissioner General of The Center for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) to use force. He asks the people of Thailand to try to understand the responsibilities of the soldiers, who are acting under the law.

Nowadays, the duties of the soldiers are limited to monitoring, warning, protecting, and easing situations. They must prove that a crime scene is present according to polices and follow the law step by step. However, when cases are delayed, the soldiers will need to rush into action.

The Royal Thai Army has been ordering the soldiers to cover all the specific areas under the emergency decree, setting soldiers and police at checkpoints to solve the violent situations. Also, the Royal Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha with the National Police Chief Adul Saengsingkaew to arrest all outlaws instantly. This order is making progress.

The Royal Thai Army chief is concerned about everyone’s safety and working to consciously and wisely solve the ongoing problems while at the same time considering the stability of the royal institution, state organizations, the Royal Thai Army, and the police department, as well as the safety and lives of the Thai people and their families.

The Royal Thai Army still convinced that most of people in Thailand agree with the Army and wantall parties to resolve their conflicts peacefully and democratically. They want to see unity in Thailand again.

We ask all parties to consider the benefits of the nation as a whole. The military does not want to extend the conflict and urges all parties avoid actions that may cause injury and death, according to Royal Thai Army deputy spokeswoman Colonel Winchai Suwaree.

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha said no one can order him to stage a coup, and he will not listen to anyone outside the Army or any orders that breach Army rules and regulations.

By Kittima Chanwattanasil

February 12, 2014

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