King Mohammed VI Lays Out His Vision For A New Chapter In Africa

2014-02-26 14:13:48 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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02/26/2014 (press release: media1press)

HM King Mohammed VI arrived on Sunday in Abidjan, coming from Mali, for a working and friendship visit in Côte d’Ivoire.

As part of his visit, HM King Mohammed VI, accompanied by Ivorian Prime Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan, presided, on Monday in Abidjan, over the opening ceremony of the Moroccan-Ivorian economic forum.

On this occasion, HM King Mohammed VI delivered before the Ivorian-Moroccan business community an important speech reflecting his vision vis-à-vis development in the African continent.

According to the King, Africa does not need assistance but rather economic partnerships able to create wealth and employment. ”Whether we look at it from the angle of the continent’s dynamic forces, its resources or its potential, Africa is a great continent. It therefore has to take its destiny in its own hands. Africa is no longer a colonized continent. This is why Africa should learn to trust Africa. Our continent does not need assistance so much as mutually profitable partnerships. Africa needs human and social development projects much more than it needs humanitarian aid, ” the King affirmed.

The sovereign also pointed out that Africa must look to the future with optimism and resolve and make the most of its strengths and potential. “Whereas the last century was that of the independence of African States, the 21st century should be that of African peoples’ triumph over the ravages of underdevelopment, poverty and exclusion,” the King added, affirming that ”a vibrant, developed Africa is not merely a dream for tomorrow, it can be a reality today, provided we take action”.

Furthermore, the King urged African states to make sure that globalization becomes a positive force conducive to development in Africa. It is our collective duty to make sure globalization becomes a positive force conducive to development in Africa. In this respect, economic development, trade and regional integration are key issues,” the King said.

”Thanks to the development of the banking sector, the urbanization of the population and African workers’ constantly increasing productivity, new prospects for the achievement of prosperity for future generations are opening up on a daily basis in Africa,” the monarch concluded.

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