Christian Book Centers on Dealing with Waiting on God’s Promises

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Christian Book Centers on Dealing with Waiting on God’s Promises Waiting on God’s Promises

02/26/2014 (press release: mindstirmedia) // Cheré Harris

Waiting on God’s Promises (ISBN: 978-0991151233), at less than 120 pages, succinctly and powerfully sheds light on God’s promises, particularly focusing on why Christians endure a waiting period leading up to the fulfillment of His promises.

“Enduring trials and tribulations are great ways to develop our patience,” said Cheré Harris. “When we are in the midst of a trial the only thing we want is for it to end. We cry, scream, get depressed, and sometimes give up … We must come to the realization that our patience has to be developed, and spending time in the ‘waiting zone’ has proven to be extremely effective.”

Sprinkled with relevant scripture, Waiting on God’s Promises is not only Biblically sound, but it also inspires readers to trust in God and keep on going despite adversity.

“The Word of God is powerful,” Cheré Harris added. “[It] will perform whatever [God] says it will. This fact must be reality in our hearts…”

Waiting on God’s Promises is available at, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers worldwide, with a retail price of $10.99 (softcover) and $6.99 (ebook). Visit Cheré’s official website for additional information:

About the author:

Cheré Harris was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where she is currently a mother, devout Christian author, Christian song writer, and business woman. From a school age girl she has always had a passion for writing but it wasn’t until she spent many years experiencing the trials and tribulations of life that she realized writing was her true calling. She has written several Christian songs and after recently suffering the loss of her husband, she was inspired by God to release her first of many books, “Waiting on God’s Promises.” She has dedicated her life to Christ and will spend the rest of her days letting God use her to be a blessing to the world.

About the publisher:

MindStir Media is a full-service book publishing company that offers Mind-Stirringly Easy Book Publishing ™. MindStir’s publishing services include ongoing mentoring from a bestselling author; custom book design; publishing in paperback, hardcover, and ebook; book distribution; marketing; and royalties up to 100%. Visit the publisher’s website at

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