Invisco Whole House Fan Co Offers Free SmartSpeed(tm) to Disabled Homeowners

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04/28/2014 (press release: kurtshafer) // Temecula, CA, USA // Kurt Shafer

Invisco Whole House Fan Company ( announces a special offer for homeowners who find it difficult to get around easily. Invisco has just released the world’s first fully automatic speed control for Invisco whole house fans, SmartSpeed(tm). Regularly priced at $150 as an upgrade, Invisco is offering it at no cost to disabled homeowners.


The Invisco SmartSpeed(tm) senses the temperature of the home and starts up at high speed if the temperature is above 85 degrees F. As the temperature drops the speed remains high down to 85 degrees. Then the speed drops evenly as the temperature drops until it reaches 75 or 70 or 65 degrees, as set by the homeowner. The SmartSpeed(tm) control electronics are behind a standard switch type plate with 2 modes selectable by a switch. One is Manual mode which allows the user to turn the dial to set the fan speed from off to full speed. The other is Auto mode which allows the user to turn the dial to select the low temperature shutoff at any temperature between 65 degrees and 75 degrees.


SmartSpeed(tm) is designed to control all of the Invisco models that move air at speeds from 2,350 CFM up to over 15,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). To understand how much CFM is needed for YOUR home, use the industry standard suggestion to use 2-3 times your home square feet as the recommended capacity of the system you buy. If you want to calculate the amount of time needed to move all the air in your home out, multiply your square feet by the height of your ceilings. For example, a 3000 square foot home with 8 foot ceilings has 24,000 cubic feet of air inside. The Invisco IN3620-1 moves 3,620 cubic feet per minute. In theory it will move 24,000 cubic feet in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


Most 2 story homes have most of the hot air upstairs. As a result, the rule of thumb is to size the Invisco whole house fan for only the 2nd story square footage. This will save significant cost and installation trouble.


Visit or call 800 579 5018 or email kurt at invisco dot com.

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