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07/11/2014 (press release: msnyder)

Houghton Marketing is a Bakersfield, CA based marketing and advertising firm that works with clients in the consumer electronics and home entertainment industries. Paired with one of the largest retailers in the country, Houghton Marketing is growing rapidly in order to meet their client’s demands. Houghton Marketing has a philosophy of bridging a gap between products and people coupled with promoting from within. Houghton Marketing has a management training program that is second to none.

Houghton Marketing’s manager Zach understands the importance of promotion from within the company. Zach, the manager, originally from Lenoir, CA, comes from a background of sports. Zach played soccer and martial arts growing up. His favorite quote “Develop success from failures; discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success” from Thomas Jefferson, helps Zach stay focused on growing the Bakersfield office in order to fulfill their client’s needs. Zach understands the importance of teamwork, competition and growth. With a goal of two new market expansions this year in the country, Houghton Marketing has a need for more upper level managers.

With leadership and management development conferences throughout the year, Houghton Marketing understands the importance of investing in their team. “Our manager in training program is more important than ever” continues Zach, “The MIT position teaches someone to hold themselves accountable, to market themselves, to train based on a proven system and to learn self-management.” The clients and services that Houghton Marketing is working with has a need for them to grow and expand. The Manager in Training Program was created to develop individuals from an entry level position and to instill them with the knowledge and means to become successful professionals. “We do this by training in marketing presentations, client relations, to analyze and implement marketing strategies and how to run and grow expansion opportunities” explains Zach. With a management training program geared to develop an entry level representative into a manager in months, Houghton Marketing’s success is evident.

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