New Book Hints on Conspiracy Against President Obama

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07/15/2014 (press release: MLPR) // Marc Curtis Little

One-time Congressional candidate Marc Curtis Little has released his latest novel, After Obama, which provides an interesting take on a controversial issue that has the potential to change the course of the upcoming presidential election. The independently published book, released in May, maintains that members of both of the nation’s leading parties, Republican and Democrat, are conspiring against the U.S. President through the repeal of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which opens the window to a possible third term presidential run. No matter which side of the political spectrum one might reside, imagine the mass debates that would ensue if Barack Obama had the opportunity to run for presidential office one more time.

“It’s hard to believe that the Obama administration is as inept as the media and opinion polls would lead us to believe,” says Little, who campaigned for Congress as a Republican who signed the Contract with America in 1994. He has since renounced portions of the platforms of both parties. “After Obama delivers a fictional account of the possibility that President Obama is being set up by the political ruling classes through maneuvering of the Constitution, sending the message that America does not want another African American president,” Little further states.

However, the missive is not one agreed upon by the book’s protagonist, Curt Felton Jr., an independent thinking African American mayor of a conservative Southern city, whose centrist policies have attracted the attention of voters from all sectors of America. Felton’s ascendancy to a Presidential campaign is captured in a political play-by-play that aptly describes the novel as “the most ambitious ‘what if’ political novel in publishing history.”

After Obama is the third novel in the Curt Felton Jr. series written by Little, who is currently a Florida based gospel radio talk show host, and former television commentator. It is available for purchase on More information about After Obama and Little can be found by visiting

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