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2014-08-20 14:46:27 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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08/20/2014 (press release: JaturontThan)

Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha commended the soldiers who are working in  Thailand southern border area and  gave appreciation to their hard work, according to the Internal Security Operations Command spokesperson General Bunpot Poolprien.

Regarding to the Southern border areas, General Bunpot said that it  is an ongoing conflict in Thailand. It is a matter of proper communication so that both sides will have understanding, and refrain from conlficts using weapons. Royal Thai Army will continue the peace advocacy. And we had the commitee for this systematic action. Our operation must use the joint integrating and should have a wide considerate understanding of all aspects.       

Army Chief also enjoin the soldiers that they must work effectively to avoid negligence of duties . He said that the Army designated must protect the town properly and said that all the department of Thai Southern border areas must be involved in the operation as well as the civil society and people. The legal using will focus on the fairness for all groups by the integration of politics and jurisprudence core.

In the part of litigation, Royal Thai Army Chief ordered the officers to separate the conflict cases whether if its complication disaster case,  personal factor case , llocal politics case or national security case.

In Addition, the National Council for Peace and Order is accelerating the improvement of the investigation via Tele-Conference system for a fast working outcome.

The Royal Thai Army has ways of communicating peace to  those people who have a different opinion. They enthusiastically believe that through proper communication and wide understading all the conflicts will be solve.  Now, Thai forces are dedicated to resolve the Thai Southern border areas for the protection of People’s lives and properties.

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