Royal Thai Army Chief designated the Soldiers to help flood victims in Sukhothai

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09/11/2014 (press release: JaturontThan) // Kittima Chanwattanasil

According to Deputy Spokesperson Colonel Sirichan Ngathong.


Royal Thai Army Chief Prayuth Chan-ocha ordered the 3rd Army Area Commander Preecha Chan-ocha to send soldiers into the Sukhothai ’s flood areas to help the flood victims. At the same time General Prayuth Chan-Ocha adviced the soidiers to remove the hyacinths and aquatic weeds to optimize the drainage.

Col. Sirichan Ngathong said that  Commander Preecha Chan-ocha sent four hundred soldiers from the  4th Infantry Division to help flood victims in Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Srisamrong, Amphoe Sawankaloke to evacuate,  do medical services and make a dam for flood control. In addition, the soldiers  packed and placed sandbags to slow down the flood. On the otherhand, they also facilitated to sent helicopters to rescue people in those unreachable by boat flooded areas.

Phitsanulok Army Provincial Commander Padung Yingpaiboonsuk assigned the soldiers to get and  distribute essential supplies to the flood victims and he sent 100 soldiers to do medical services for the affected flood victims.

Due to those outstanding initiatives the effects of flood and its devastation decreased.  The 3rd Army Area prepared in exploring  damaged buildings, houses and agricultural areas. They will also innitiate a restoration plan  for the flooded and damaged areas.

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