Royal Thai Army To Repossessed The National Forest That Are Invaded

2014-09-11 13:59:06 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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09/11/2014 (press release: JaturontThan) // Kittima Chanwattanasil

Deputy of Internal Security Operations Command Jittiwas Sornsuwan led the soldiers of 7th Infantry Division, together with the forestry officials, Police and the local administration officers to repossessed 20 acres of forest that are compromised by the villagers and entrepreneurs.

These forest areas are the National forest. These are a sloping hillside that  is located at Ban Hong district, Lamphun province, Thailand.

This conserved forest areas repossession came to realization due to the complaints by local  administration officers.  Mr. Kamol Kaewhong, the Dong Huay Yen village committee complained with the Internal Security Operations Command that the villagers and entrepreneurs who illegally invaded the  conserved forest to plant the fruit trees for the business benefits.

Moreover, there are many people who had infringed on national forest land and forest areas. General Jittiwas Sornsuwan and the officers planned everything first before they went into those areas.

General Jittiwas Sornsuwan said after the inspection area, we found that those forest areas are  the Dong Huay Yen National Forest with a total area of over 12,000 hectares but it was seized as a community forest area. And these areas were cleared and intruded for occupancy by the entrepreneurs.

In addition, some of these fareas has been planted  with thousands of mango trees. Some areas  are  buried with  cement blocks to divide the area .

There are over 50 acres of forest areas that  the villagers and entrepreneurs who’s been trying  to invade the National Forest areas for the possession and utilize the area. General Jittiwas Sornsuwan ordered the related organization to resolve this problems and inform the intruders to stop these actions. If the intruders continue doing such things, the officers can innitiate corresponding legal sactions.

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