Royal Thai Army Plans To Re-Organize Pattaya Beach

2014-11-10 15:20:03 (GMT) ( - Press Release World News News)

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11/10/2014 (press release: JaturontThan) // Kittima Chanwattanasil

The 14th Military Circle Chief Nirundorn Samutsakhon discussed the Royal Thai Army’s  re-organization plan for Pattaya beach, which mentioned 3 points that needed to be resolved. First the prices of tourism services need to be fairer. Next the standards of cleanliness and sanitation should be at its highest level and lastly they should focus on tidiness. These 3 mains plans have been created to offer a more positive image of the tourism industry in Thailand. For this reason, now, the Royal Thai Army officers, the Pattaya Policemen and the Local company officers are cooperating continuously on multiple dimensions as part of dealing with the beach service entrepreneurs and their marine tourism activities.


For the re-organization of the beach service entrepreneurs, the Royal Thai Army has already announced they need to return areas which can be taken advantage off by people and tourists. The Royal Thai Army officers have determined that 25% of the areas currently being used should be returned for public use.


Major Nirundorn Samutsakhon said the Royal Thai Army will not use the same measures as in Phuket, because they believe some entrepreneurs have lived there for a long time and their livelihood depends on it, as they need their jobs to look after their families. Therefore, they will use the approach of kindly requesting the return of some areas. Everyone is expected to make sacrifices and cooperate with the Thai Government.


The 14th Military Circle Chief Nirundorn Samutsakhon believes the Pattaya re-organization dialogues have been very progressive. As a next step, all entrepreneurs and relevant staff will be asked to join a meeting that will clarify these re-organization measures, as the Army wants to show of the beach, as a public area, which belongs to everybody, of which everyone can reap the benefits. The enterprises must cooperate within the Thai government to achieve good results for the Thai Tourism industry and sustainable development for the future.


In addition, The Thai tourism officers will increase the frequency of security surveillance during the peak season for tourism, while they will also focus on publicizing tourism locations and tourist accommodation.


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