The Art of Tai Shin Mun Kung Fu

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01/05/2015 (press release: redtheater) // Beijing, China // Red theatre, No.44, Xingfu Da Jie Dongcheng District

The Art of Tai Shin Mun Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese Martial Art

The monks for the Legend of Kung Fu show in Beijing practice Tai Shin Mun. It would roughly translate to the school of the great and wise. It’s a diverse style including all the traditional elements of Kungfu. It also includes massages, breathing techniques and lion dance. It is not a sport events and it’s used in competition.

Some History

The man behind Tai Shin Mun is the talented student Aw Tien Si who dedicated his life to teaching a monkey style boxing. First it was just a method of fighting but later evolved into buddhist ideology and received a name after the ape god. The school evolved within the Chinese history and was greatly influenced by buddhist philosophy and Shaolion traditions.

The Monkey Style

It consists of several monkey styles, five of which are the main ones. Tree monkey, rock monkey, low monkey, show monkey and drunken monkey. These styles are different paths for different people for the same destiny. Which path is the best is defined by the body structure, the way the body moves and personality. An older master might inherit several monkey styles to their system of fighting.

The Legend of Kung Fu

The Kungfu show in Beijing has become the showcase of Tai Shin Mun and Shaolin Kung Fu. To see the most skillful performance that displays the very roots of such practices head your way to Beijing.

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