In Real Life, a Dark Comedy About a Fantasy Gaming Addict out on Amazon Prime

2015-02-24 15:15:28 (GMT) ( - Entertainment Press Release News)

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02/23/2015 (press release: moviepals) // Santa Monica, CA, USA // Solomon Rothman

In the movie, Greg is addicted to Realm of Conquest, an online fantasy game where he plays an axe wielding barbarian. ‘In game’ his character is married to a feisty ‘Kung Fu Geisha’. After a year of battling on-line, Greg is ready for the next step. He invites her to a snowy cabin retreat. The problem is, she’s not the typical gamer and the results are anything but predictable. “In Real Life” is a dark comedic thriller that will leave you guessing.

In Real Life is staring and was directed by real life husband and wife Solomon Rothman and Hilary Rothman. “From an impromptu conversation that lasted late into the night, we discovered a mutual fascination with the perception of  self and how it evolves and changes with technology. We wanted to tell a non-conventional story in a way that would use the digital filmmaking tools easily available (color, 2d effects) to enhance the story. “ says Solomon Rothman, “Once the theme and core philosophical questions regarding our cultural attitudes towards gender and relationships were established, we moved-on to creative limitations.”

IRL is the Follow up film by Solomon Rothman, star of the viral hit “Boy Who Never Slept” which received millions of online views. The subject matter of high relevance as interest in MMPORGs (massive multiplayer online royplayment games) grows. The movie has a unique visual style where half the film is in black and white intercut with vivid color. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, Big Bear, and Hong Kong. It has a running time of 67 minutes and a tagline of “His life is the game”.

The full length movie is being distributed by Kinonation and is available now on multiple “Video on Demand” platforms including Amazon Prime & Instant, Vimeo OnDemand, and IndieReign among others. Information on how to watch or purchase the full movie is available on the official website ( The movie trailer is available to watch free on YouTube:

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