Turn Off and Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iPhone 6,5,4, iPad Using IMEI Number

2015-03-11 17:09:27 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Press Release Technology News)

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iCloud Remover

03/11/2015 (press release: icloudremover) // Daniel Andrews

Recently, Apple rolled out an update to its operating system. However, a set of security features were added that can affect your user experience. Two such issues persist because of the ‘Find My Phone’ and ‘iCloud’ features. If you want to delete and bypass/remove the iCloud activation lock account or restore to new and fresh iOS on iPhone 6,5S,5C,5,4S or iPad Air 4,3,2, disabling the feature is a must. To resolve this issue, you can use iCloudRemover.org company.

iCloud Remover is a company that allow users to turn off/disable and remove bypass iCloud activation feature. Also, you can bypass, remove and delete iCloud account lock service for any iPhone and iPad Air/Mini device.

For those, who are planning to sell their Apple devices, pay close attention to the working of this company’s product. Shopkeepers prefer devices that have no account attached to it. So, removal of the same is a must. In case, you have forgotten the password or do not have one, iCloud Remover  has an active option that will help you remove and bypass iCloud. You can use this product even if you have purchased used iPhone/iPad of ebay or craigslist. Used devices are usually tied to an iCloud account. So, use this product and safely remove and bypass iCloud lock.

To proceed with it, use these steps and remove iCloud Account Activation Lock.
Step 1: Visit www.iCloudRemover.org official website
Step 2: You need your IMEI number or serial. Enter your IMEI number or serial.
Step 3: Wait for the confirmation mail. The confirmation mail will be titled ‘Activation Lock Removed’.
Step 4: Enjoy your new iCloud account. Also, the ‘Find My Phone’ feature is disabled.

While this method is safe and secure, you should know that there is a price tag attached to it. The company charges only after the existing iCloud account is removed.  You will get a response in 24 hours with all the details about your device and IF your IMEI is suitable for iCloud Removal. From all the devices they have worked with, they had a success rate of 80%.

Other important points:
1. Look for trusted sources only. iCloudRemover.org is approved by Google. Look for the certification before opting for their service.
2. It is a great service but is not foolproof. However, the success rate is as high as 80%.
3. Level of complexity is low. However, you should keep your email active so that you can quickly access the same.
4. It can remove & bypass iCloud lock on works for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus & iPad.
5. There are other options available too. However, using their service, you might brick your device. Be careful.

This will disable and remove iCloud Lock for anyone who has a device stuck on it, whether you are locked out of your own unit (and are in a place like Saudi Arabia which has no Apple Store to present invoice), or you bought a unit second hand from a seller who didn’t remove their iCloud login from or refuse to remove it.

The process is simple. But if you need any assistance, contact the company at [email protected]

Contact: Daniel Andrews

E-mail: [email protected]


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