StyleIt 2.0 Ushers in the Future of Styling with Hyper Personal Adaptations

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03/20/2015 (press release: margodonohue) // San Mateo, CA, USA // Margo Donohue

StyleIt App Utilizes Powerful Technology to Create Truly Personal Style

StyleIt 2.0 Ushers in the Future of Styling for the iPhone with Adaptations for Location, Weather and Special Occasions

Peekabuy inc, the developers of the popular, free StyleIt app, introduced today an update that harnesses computer vision and machine learning algorithms while utilizing our intensely close relationship with iPhones to create hyper-personalized outfits. By using the already powerful styling engine in the app and combining it with elements like weather forecasting and an understanding of how different occasions call for different looks, the app transcends any styling tool in the market.

“We tell our mobile phones where we are, what events we are going to and who we are going to meet,” said Henry Kang, Founder and CEO of Peekabuy. “This release of StyleIt connects those dots together, adds intelligence and provides the most personal styling experience that has ever been available.”

Released to the iTunes App store in spring 2014, StyleIt became a hit with iPhone users and a key social outlet for creating and discovering fashion trends. By uploading a photo of an item from your wardrobe StyleIt will instantly generate 10 different looks creating unique outfits for each user.

The StyleIt community has styled over 6 million outfits to date, many of those garnering several hundred comments and likes. Since adding the shopping capability in December 2014 it has been featured several times in the iTunes App Store.

StyleIt 2.0 features the following updates:

• Weather-generated outfit suggestion for either today or the day of the occasion

• Style outfits by occasion such as wedding, date, brunch

• The ability to use multiple items from your wardrobe to create outfits

• Restyle any item from camera, closet, wish list, or products in the store

• Customize the layout of outfits by resizing, moving around, and layering

• New style calendar to add any outfit to a specific day  

• The ability to import events from your iPhone’s calendar

StyleIt 2.0 is available in the iTunes App Store starting today and can also be downloaded here:

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About Peekabuy

Peekabuy was founded by Henry Kang in 2013 to solve the problem his wife Shawna brought to him: “What Can I Wear With This?” StyleIt has been featured several times in the iTunes App Store and has been covered by Wired, Business Insider and Yahoo Style. Henry, who has a PhD. in Robotics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, assembled a team of engineers and fashionistas to help him solve his wife’s dilemma. The team has over 30 years’ experience in machine learning with over half the team earning their PhDs from the Computer Science Program at Carnegie Mellon. Peekabuy is made up of former employees of Google, Microsoft Research, Convivia and Opera Mobile.

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