Libyan factions hold constructive peace talks in Morocco

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03/27/2015 (press release: media1press)

In statements to the press following a meeting with Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya Bernardino Leon, the representatives of rival Libyan factions welcomed the “positive progress” marking the UN-led negotiations in Skhirate. They said that the talks are in a very advanced stage, noting that a “quasi agreement” has been reached on the issues on the agenda, notably concerning political arrangements to form a national unity government.
Member of the internationally recognized parliament of Tobrouk and members of the dialogue commission Abou Bakr Baera ascribed the headway in inter-libyan dialogue to the latest proposals made by the UN aiming at reaching a comprehensive solution to the political crisis and the armed conflict in Libya.
Some details are still under discussion by the different factions before the resumption of talks, he said. The negotiations will pause for a week to ten days before resumption in Skhirate, Baera added.
President of the delegation of the Parliament of Tobrouk to the negotiations Mohamed Ali Chouaib underscored the “positive ideas” marking the latest days of the political talks, which, he said, increase chances to reach a final agreement.
For his part, President of the delegation of the national general congress, known as Parliament of Tripoli, Saleh Makhroume noted with satisfaction that the talks brought closer the points of views of the Libyan rivals.
He said that the Parliament of Tripoly will discuss the UN proposals before resuming talks in Morocco, adding that “genuine dialogue” has just started with UN proposals and prospects for a global solution in sight.
The distinctive feature of this new round of talks is the unanimity expressed by the parties regarding dialogue as a political solution and “sole way-out of the crisis.”
Nihad Ahmed Mitig, representative of the civil society and member of the dialogue commission said that the document presented by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) meets the demands of all parties to the conflict in a “positive” way, adding that some aspects still require further consultation.
UNSMIL presented on Tuesday a series of ideas aiming at bringing the parties closer with a view to accelerating negotiations. These ideas were put forward following visits on Monday by the UN envoy to Tobrouk and Tripoli.
In the document, the UNSMIL suggests the formation of a unity government led by a president and a presidential council made of independent personalities with no political affiliation that will be accepted by all Libyan parties.
For his part , Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya, Bernardino Leon described as “very positive” the results of the latest round of the UN-led political talks between the Libyan factions which was wrapped up on Thursday in Skhirate (outskirts of Rabat).
“The results are very positive and we are very encouraged,” said the UN mediator at a press conference.
“We are close to reaching an agreement,” he rejoiced, adding that all participants realize that peace talks have reached “a point of no return.”
The UN Emissary, who highlighted Morocco’s significant contribution in facilitating the inter-Libyan dialogue, said that the panoply of measures proposed by the UN to Libyan delegations represent ” a basis for future discussions.”
Leon also noted a convergence of views concerning the UN proposal which integrates all elements that may be included in an initial agreement on security arrangements and the formation of a national unity government.
Yet, he said that there are some points in the UN document that are still subject to consultation between the parties which further stresses the need for a rapid resumption of negotiations in light of the “critical” situation on the ground.
Leon also called for a ceasefire in favour of dialogue. “We all have an opportunity in Libye. Even if the agreement will not fully satisfy all the parties, It will be better than continuing a war that will lead nowhere but cost more Libyan lives,” he made it clear.
Armed groups are called upon to contribute to a political solution in Libya, said Leon, noting that the success of the talks hinges on the contribution of the militias to a solution.
On the recent kidnapping of two brothers of a member of the Tripoli Parliament, Leon expressed the UNSMIL concern and called for not confusing military and political questions while describing the kidnapping as “completely inacceptable.”

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